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  2. Delegate Function Not Working -- Expense Management

    Hi, We are implementing JDE Ent1 Expense Management Module, to our surprise delegate function is not working and oracle has confirmed it is a bug. our requirement is to provide the secretaries of CEO and Senior Managers the access to enter expenses on their behalf (appx 10 Employees). Any...
  3. Expense Management - Delegate Functionality**

    We are in process of Implementing Expense Management module, to our surprise we found that standard delegate function is not working and oracle confirmed that it is a bug. Our requirement is to allow the secretaries of CEO & senior managers to enter the expenses on their behalf. Please suggest...
  4. Report Design Aid..

    Hi, Oracle Documentation of Report Design Aid is too boring and not easy to digest, Is there any quick reference guide available with some sample reports? if anyone are aware of such guides please send me the URL. Regards