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    Receive Interest from Bank

    Hello, just wondering how others procress received interest from a bank? Invoice or just a receipt of straight into the GL via a journal? Thanks
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    SAE file from Concur

    HI, can i ask which BSSV you are using? thanks
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    SAE file from Concur

    Hi all, Some good advice here. Yes the mapping is a bit tricky as I have no test data from concur and how their expense accounts will be delivered to us. Thanks Sam
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    SAE file from Concur

    Hi all, has anyone gone through the Concur to JDE integration? I can understand that we would populate both the F0911Z1 & F0411Z1 but how do this for with the SAE file? thanks
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    Wrong tax code at receipt match

    Hello, We have a situation where the wrong tax code is being used on a PO and then when the receipt is being raised we need to go into the F43121 and manually correct it. Is there an application way of doing this as we'd like to avoid having to reverse the receipt? Thanks
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    Hello, I have always worked on the applications side but I am looking at the RD of a report to try and an error check (dev is on holiday) and trying to see how "fetch" works. I know SQL but have not used it ever as a query. thanks
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    Delete Fixed Assets

    HI, we have erroneously uploaded assets using the P1201Z1, no depreciation has been run. Can these be deleted from the F1201/2 tables without having to resort to SQL? thanks
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    Sales Tax v VAT in GL

    Hi all, is there a difference in the way the system records sales tax and VAT in the GL? thanks
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    JDE Implementations full life cycle

    Many thanks for your very informative answer.
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    JDE Implementations full life cycle

    Hello, I often see new positions insisting that the applicant has several end to end experiences of implementations which may preclude someone who has worked with the system for years but usually post implementation. During that time you may well have migrated data into JDE and rolled out the...
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    XML editor

    HI I use xml pad - sorry I cannot remember the url I got it from.
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    SQL for Julian date Converion

    Many thanks Larry.
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    SQL for Julian date Converion

    Hello, not sure if this is the right forum for a JDE SQL question but I can be told if wrong! I have to convert a julian date and I am using the example below Decode(PRODDTA.F03B11.RPDDJ, 0, Null, To_Date(To_Char(PRODDTA.F03B11.RPDDJ + 1900000)...
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    Journal with Tax to F0911Z1

    Hello, looking at the mapping in Enterprise one i was wondering if you are able to interface direct to the F0911z1 with tax or does this have to go through the AR first? thanks Sam
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    SI/SK/OK Link?

    ok worked it out. simply on the related PO field - mine was missing thus the error.