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  1. C Business Function

    Hi, In Master Business function what is the difference between "Edit Line and Edit Doc" Thanks,
  2. Generating weservice

    Hi, I have created a provider BSSV. After creation of the weservice getting error while running . Deployment incomplete.Class not found .unable to locate publish business service class. My Jdeveloper version is 12c and JDE 9.1. Following is the error...
  3. Synchronization between AS400 and JDE

    Hi,. I have a requirement as below. Develop a BSSV which will Insert/Update in AS400 tables whenever there is any insert/update in related JDE tables. The tables include ITEM master informations. Please let me know if any body has any idea on this how to establish communication between AS400...
  4. Web Service for Inventory Management

    Hi, I have a requirement into Inventory management. I need to upload ITEM related information(ITEM Master,ITEM Branch,Lot etc....) into Z-File. This need to be taken care by BSSV. Is there any standard BSSV for this. If any body have any idea ,Pls share ... Thanks, Sbjdesngh..