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  1. Calling Table Conversion

    Hi Edward, I think, this case will come under synchronous processing. May I know in which event you are calling this table conversion from Interactive application?
  2. How to activate teh transaction processing on a custom table in an Application

    Hi, Could any one please suggest me that how can I achieve Transaction processing in Interactive applications? In Reports we can control this by Commit/RollBack Trnsaction system functions. But In interactive applications how can we achieve this?
  3. C BSFN is Faster than NER BSFN

    Thanks Boster and Gov for sharing your views.
  4. C BSFN is Faster than NER BSFN

    Hi, Could any one please explain me the reason the faster execution of C BSFN as compared to NER??
  5. Real basic question - Table Open, Table Close

    Even these table Open and Close will be useful to go for advanced operations like Transaction Processing and Buffer Inserts. To facilitate Buffer Inserts functionality we have to open the table and in advanced option select "Buffer Inserts". It will be followed by Insertion and in the end...