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  1. UBE Permonace Issue 9.2 - Sporadically

    Hi Soumen, have you try the old tools the performance monitor? file name: Performance Workbench.exe zip packed file: PW.exe it parsed the ube log file and help you to identify in more detail. I used to happen analyze a batch update report that best run time was 1 hour but some days it...
  2. Outside operation with multi suppliers

    Hi, we used M route that set in item route (p3003) for primary subcontractor. for secondary vendor , we set in A route. often the planner or buyer jumped to modify supplier on the the w/o route in advance, or modify the *OP supplier when release the order. R/L
  3. Viewing PDF from a folder other than PrintQueue

    Hi Todd, I was used some custom codes and scripts (erw) to outbound users' submitted jobs (PDF file) to another location (linux mount point, ftp out, windows shared). JDE also provided some report setting using the embedded bi publisher to outbound to other location in 9.2. I did not turn to...
  4. Final line is double printed

    Harry, could you have some screenshots? it usually could be the reprint setting at level break section. Richard
  5. MPS and how to use it

    Hi Mark, I'm in that mfg company that using MPS/MRP since 8.11, 9.0, and 9.2 now but not so successfully. what kind of help do you need. Richard
  6. Prevent scheduler to run if report is empty in BIP

    Try the "Busting" function , it's my work-around avoiding zero record.
  7. Usage Logs for accounts with a specific role

    mine enable f9312 - security history for 2 yrs due to corp auditor request too. make some sql queries to xref f9312 with F95921 [Role Relationships Table]. find my previous sql for ur ref. rg, Richard /* JDE USER ROLE MAPPING , 2017-1-9 */ SELECT USROLES, ULUSER, ULAN8, LOGINS_YTD, MCDC FROM...
  8. JDE <-> BIP connectivity

    Hi Ankit, some steps are seemed missed. you should have something to drill & drag columns into a new OVR before it bring to bipublisher. OVR -> Create New Report -> Report Definition -> Drag some columns -> Save button -> Bring to bipublisher. The datasource on admin tab is not actual OVR's...
  9. Help to choose web servers (WebLogic, OAS, Webshpere)

    Thanks for guys' answer. I've read tons of previous posts. I think I will remain using webshpere for production use and try oas/owl for evaluation.
  10. Help to choose web servers (WebLogic, OAS, Webshpere)

    What platform are you currently running? A: Websvr is running on Windows 2003 server + IBM WebShpere 6.0 upon oracle 10g on hp/ux. Are you willing to transition platforms? A: Yes. In fact. There's no significant effect for us. But if has extra cost, we will consider choose cheaper one. What...
  11. Help to choose web servers (WebLogic, OAS, Webshpere)

    [ QUOTE ] There are tons of threads that go over this question over and over again. If you do a search you'll find plenty of recent threads on it. One point of advice though, OAS appears to be on the way out and WebLogic is the future as far as the Oracle provided web server solution, so if...
  12. Help to choose web servers (WebLogic, OAS, Webshpere)

    Dear JDE experts, My enterprise are going to upgrade enterpriseone from 8.11sp1 to 9.0 and also migrate to oracle VM environment. I have no idea to know which web server has better performance and easy manage for JDE. Please help me to choose best one and thanks in advnace. company size...
  13. auto refresh on find/browse form

    dear experts, i'm trying to workaround a possible solution to design a real-time form or called 'bbs' or 'scroll banner' or 'kanban' to realtime show information probably by jde find/browser form especially for production lines. A timer aspect is possbile to be implemented into jde form...
  14. Send emails via JDE

    Hi, may i ask if you're using table trigger of table F986110 to fire if report is done to call BSFN B0500725?