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    Transform Setup for E910 Jobs

    We have setup a Transform Development server, but we are not able to setup the jobs which are to be merged with the existing templates. All Transform projects are in the same deployment/runtime server. I would appreciate if someone can help with the steps in AS400 E1 server and/or Windows 2008...
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    Finished goods transfer to E1 from Mainframe

    I am wondering if there is a Z-Processor available to load all completed finished goods from an external system to E1 through a Z-Processor. All items are already defined in E1. Any help is appreciated.
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    Splitting a large PDF - Transform

    We need to split a large E1 PDF file in to smaller pieces based on the Address Number. Any process help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    LDAP Server and E1 Integration

    We have an application written in JAVA, captures user security data and stores in LDAP server. Those security data need to be sent to EnterpriseOne (Enterprise server AS/400) and integrate with the E1 security system. If you have done a similar integration, I would appreciate your input.
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    Image Control not working

    I will be interest to know if you find a solution. Thanks.
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    Oneworld ODA driver on 64 bit Windows OS

    We have loaded Oneworld Xe on windows 2008 64 bit platform. The backend database is AS400 DB2. The Oneworld system is working fine but we are not able to connect the database through SQL Server or MS Access. We are not sure if we are missing any component. Need help to figure out the problem...
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    Payroll Tables - EnterpriseOne

    Can someone please help me to find a document that has all Payroll tables and relations among them? Thanks
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    Custom P4205

    I made a custom P4205, named P554205S, but using the same processing option template used in the P4205 application. Without changing any code in the custom program I wanted to make sure it works exactly like P4205. But even though processing option values are exactly similar to the version I...
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    Financial Report Column Heading Change

    Can someone help me describing steps to change smart field's heading based on FY passed through processing option? Ex. there are three smart fields available and it should print consecutive 3 years, for example 2004, 2005, 2006 to be printed as headings text, based on PO FY.
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    Smart Field Heading Change

    Hi JDEList, We have a requirement to change smart field headings based on Fiscal Year, passed through processing option. There are 3 smart field columns created to display data for the 3 consecutive years, based on processing option year. As processing option is dynamic, so has to be the...