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  1. Demand and Supply: Planned Order

    Hi guys, anyone knows where the Planned Order is coming from? I would like not to have this line generated. Thank you
  2. F0005.Select - How To Concatenate

    Hi, i have a report that is doing a F0005.Select using the variable VA evt_F55IMPMH_POHP13 (screenshot attached) i just want to modify it using a concat of 2 different variables. How this can be done? Thanks
  3. create an ESU

    Hi, anyone can explain how to CREATE AN ESU ? i want to create the .exe file containing different object (example: reports). THanks
  4. F4111 - G/L Date on sales order

    Hi, i have sales order entered and shipped; i'm able to see these transaction on the inventory F4111 but the G/L Date is not filled with any value; this one is filled only when i run the Print Invoice and then the Sales Update. Which is the behavior of this field? It's possible to have as G/L...
  5. F03B13Z1 Automatic Receipt - Customer and Payor

    Hi, i'm processing the receipt batch input. I have populated in the F03B13Z1 the field: -AN8 (customer) -CBNK (payor) -TNST (payor) The R03B511 when processed, retrieve using CBNK,TNST the correct payor AN8, but the issue is that override the CUSTOMER AN8! I want to have to stick with the...
  6. AR: as-of versus GL Balance

    Hi, our customer running 7332 has several discrepances comparing as-of value and gl balance. The account are not machinary, and in the comparison all batch=G transaction are excluded. Which is the best way in order to find the reason of discrepances?
  7. R7400CSM - VAT Declaration

    Hi, i need to setup the report R7400CSM in order to manage the VAT collected on Payment (that means, that the VAT should be declared only when the Invoice has been paied). I added the VAT specific code, into the UDC 74/TX During my test i found an issue related to this scenario: - AP Inovice...