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  1. Email ID Format

    Dear Friends, I hope you are doing good. How to create Error Message. I created Fix/Inspect From. I placed the Email ID field. If Email Id format in like that format it be allows and otherwise show error message Email id is individual.
  2. Report Output didnt get all fields

    Dear Friends, I hope we are dng good. Iam using Window10 Verion. Iam using 9.1 JDE Demo. I create Group Report Sales suplier by goods. I placed 20 Fieds in report, while iam run the report i get same fields only. iam not getting all fieds. Please Fing the Attachments.
  3. Sort/total Options

    Hi Friends, I am working Custom report, iam using F4211 and F42140. Sort/Total options: F4211 sdan8,F4211 sdshan, F42140 cmslsm and F4211 sdlitm group total based on any change of any item in the sort combination.DO show detail group total only. What to get report output by ushing this.
  4. SQL Code converting into JDE code

    Hi friends, I am working Report, the code in SQL, how to converting into Jde code. Please find below Code. If F0911.GLICUT = "K”,”M” or W" Print F0414.RNRMK ( SELECT RNRMK FROM F0413, F0414, F0911 WHERE F0911.GLDCT=F0413.RMDCTM AND...
  5. Date Format dd/mm/yy

    Hi Friends, I am doing Reports, i what date format like this dd/mm/yy. PLease help me.
  6. system function set edit colour

    Hi Friends, I have created Fix/inspect Form, in the Fix/inspect i placed the Form Date And Today Date.If Form date is greater than to date ,show the Red colour. If Form date is less than to date clear the red colour. By using system function set edit colour I displayed the red If Form date...