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  1. Get attachments

    Hi, I need to get the attachments informed into SKU's. I have found the GT41XX functions. Which this functions I can't get the text attachemnts. I need to get the attachments, but I have more than 1 for every SKU and this methods don't allow to filter by GDGTITNM field. Any idea? Thank you...
  2. Add SKU item to existing collection

    I resolved: I found the Bussiness function BCW08, this insert allmissing SKU references on FCW07. Then do an insert into fcw07 with 'original' SKU. Regards
  3. Discoutn tables

    I solved, the problem was from other topic. Thanks anyway.
  4. Add SKU item to existing collection

    Hi, I'm developing a new form with a grid where i paste an excel column full of SKU codes. When I click save this inserts this SKU's on an previously selected collection. My doubt is: When I insert an SKU like 125.458.256 in the default screen looks for the root element (in this case 125), if...
  5. Discoutn tables

    Hi all, I'm having an issue, with some sales orders stored at default tables F4201 and F4211 tables. I know there's an history on F4211 updates on F42119. My issue is caused because the sales are entered via web service with some discounts applied. But on JDE not all discounts are applied and I...
  6. PHP invoke JDE webservices

    Hi, If you just want to send requests and get responses you better try with some tool like SoapUI. I use this to check my web services with SSL security on JDE. Regards
  7. Customize P4310

    For if anyone is interested. THe grid wasn't showing up because there was an extrange character at the end of description field on database I remove it and works fine. Regards
  8. Customize P4310

    Hi everyone, I'm having some problems with the same P4310. I don't know why the grid isn't showing up. On the F4311 detail table I've got 7 records. When I check on P4310 the grid doesn't appear. If I delete the number 6 line on F4311 , then shows the grid. Has anyone ever had some similar...