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  1. E9.2 User Reserved Fields - F4201

    Thanks so much Larry very much appreciated ,,,, I've been doing this too long and should have expected that. Have a great weekend.
  2. E9.2 User Reserved Fields - F4201

    I'm using P42101 (P421001) and have opened up the user reserved fields ( URCD,URAT,URRF,URDT,URAB) and they work perfectly. UNTIL you blank a value out, the BF does not update a blank value. All fields work the same way. S421001E - Sales Order Header View Controller Using 9.2 Apps Tools...
  3. S/W/M - Advanced Pricing

    I'm trying to setup up site specific discounts and pricing for labour... must be doing something wrong ! - hierarchy is set for ship to first I was hoping Advanced Pricing for S/W/M uses the site from the Work Order as Ship To. So either this doesn't work this way or I have fat fingers ...
  4. JDE Object Browser 2.0

    Sorry what I meant is the "name" of the workspace. When you "save the workspace" it would be great if it remembered the name of the one that was open. I have quite a few ones saved with similar names. They are great since they save the filters etc,,, Huge time saver. Another quick favour,,, is...
  5. Ship Confirm bsfn - F42UI05 Edit line and End Doc

    Look at the BF that R47500 uses for EDI that processes F47131 and F47132 - copy what works ,,, make it easy on yourself
  6. JDE Object Browser 2.0

    Always look forward to new releases of your tools. One small suggestion, when saving a workspace can it default to what it was .., I use them quite a bit, and sometimes have multiple versions of the same workspace thanks
  7. Debug A Hover Form

    I'm also having a tough time trying to figure out how to change the form to a simple message form to debug it also is there any documentation on how to code the details ? Figured it out - removed the POP up check in form properties, had to sign off/on and delete global tables for it to take...