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  1. pawaramit2000

    JDE XE JAS/Web

    Hi All, Presently users are using Citrix to access JDE. We want to leverage WEB/JAS option. Where Can I get MTR/certification. Media to download JAS component. I know Oracle have expired XE support but want to check if there is still an option. JDE XE B7333 Tools Release 24.1.3 Windows 2008 R2...
  2. pawaramit2000

    JDE 9.2 Bulk Password reset

    Hi All, We have upgraded JDE from 8.11 SP1 to JDE 9.2 Tools Release 9.2.1. Is there any way I can bulk reset password of user to something like abc123 and allow user to change password at 1st login while Go-Live.
  3. pawaramit2000

    JDE Demo 9.0(9.1.5) on Windows 8.1

    Hi, Have anybody configured Demo 9.0(9.1.5) on Windows 8. As part of instructions I have installed 12c database. Fail to complete installation of JDE standalone as it failed to recognize if database is installed. Attaching screen print. Let me know if more details require.
  4. pawaramit2000

    E9.0 ..Citrix for IE production link for WAN

    Hi, Presently WAN users are facing slowness in E1 for transaction on over web. LAN users are not facing the issue. So we can say that this is network issue. Wanted to check if we can still have Citrix to publish IE production link. This way request to JAS remains local. Let me know your...
  5. pawaramit2000

    Portal WSRP Consumer setup

    Hi, We are in process of installing and configuring Portal server using WSRP model. We have installed Oracle Portal server and upgraded to next step is Registering a new WSRP Producer for Oracle Portal Server, as per "898_E1Tools_Portal_ref_guide.pdf". As per...
  6. pawaramit2000

    How to Use Analyzer tool in JDE XE

    How to Use Analyzer tool in JDE XE to anyalize report and applications for Performance