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Recent content by Parag K

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    Anyone has experienced MAF?

    Hi Is there anyone who has experienced MAF and developed some mobile app for JD Edwards? Regards, Parag
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    Auto Upload Exchange Rate From Bloomberg

    Thank you, let me have a look
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    Auto Upload Exchange Rate From Bloomberg

    Hi, Anyone know how to extract the FX rate from Blomberg and upload to JDE? I can think of using webservice. But I cannot find any. Please suggest
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    Developing Loan Management System in JD Edwards E1

    Have anyone developed, modules/functionalities for handling the Loan Management Cycle for Lending Industry (includes Disbursing a loan and collecting installments against the same over a fixed period) in JD Enterprise One? Could you please suggest if any standard JDE module can be used as basis?
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    B9600430- How to use it

    Hi Can anyone give idea how to use this function in NER business function to control update or insert action for rollback. what should be the flow... Initializes Record Set OpenTable F0101.UPDATE (table i/o) Then next is what.... I try first three, i was expecting it will not update F0101...
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    Upgrade from 8.12 to 9.1

    Hi, Can anyone please help for the steps to follow the upgrade from 8.12 to 9.1? Can we use same existing database Oracle 10g for new JDE 9.1? if not then what we need to take care to upgrade database as well...which version of DB is compatible and okay for JDE 9.1 version Regards, Parag
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    Avalara tax solution for JDE

    Hi, Anyone implemented Avalara tax solution for JDE... Below are the links for some idea... http://www.avalara.com/integrations/ http://developer.avalara.com/ If anyone have implemented. Could you give some idea about how you have implemented? What are the customization involved? etc...
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    Query regarding the letter of credit

    Hello Friend... Have you managed to make the custom application for this requirement? It would be helpful if you could share the object .par files? I have a similar requirement, which can save some time.
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    Query regarding the letter of credit

    [ QUOTE ] Hi, I am working on JD Edwards 9.0 and tools release 8.98.I have been asked to develop the letter of credit and bank guarantee(LC-BG) module in JD Edwards as the JDE system doesnot have its own LC-BG setup. I have researched on this subject and based on the documentation ,found...
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    Query regarding the letter of credit

    Hi, Is your application complete? I have similar requirement....If you dont mind, can i beg for the Code...possibly you can share the .par files....i would modify the app for my requirement....my email is parag.kathare@gmail.com....
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    Asynchronous Business Function Error - F4211FSEndDoc

    Try to test with administrator USER ID. Login with JDE and test. Sometimes it can come because of the security reason on user ID. Regards, Parag
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    Query regarding the letter of credit

    Hello everyone, Has anyone developed the LC-BC application for above discussed requirement? I have the similar requirement. Could you please help to share the .PAR file? my email is parag.kathare@gmail.com Regards, Parag
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    UDC Description in Crystal 10

    Hi, I am using Crystal Report XI R2. Could you plese guide me how I can have the virtual column for the UDC values from JDE. At present I can see the UDE description, but I need to use udc code as well as description. I am using OneWorld ODA and OneWorld ODA Ora connection Parag
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    How to start dealing with Crystal Reports

    Dear Larry, I have problems with crystal using JDE. When I write the report and like fetch some records from other tabls, The SQL qury option is disbled. I have no idea how to activate it. I am using crystal report XI R2 and I have used JDE database connection insted of ODBC connection . plase...
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    Hi. Have you been able to resolve this issue as I am experiencing the same Access Violation Error?