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  1. E9.2 Table conversion input/output path defined in processing options

    Haven't used table conversions much and was wondering if the was a way to get around the hard coding of paths for inputs/outputs. I know this can be handled by a UBE but dealing with existing table conversions and hoping for a short cut. Searched around and checked MOS but found nothing on the...
  2. Launch Batch UBE from APPL with Report Interconnect but no prompting

    John - I can't recall if this can be done through a NER, but I have done this several times by turning the UBE into a BI Publisher report. Whether you need the output or not the process works as needed as does not prompt the stupid 'OK' button on report interconnects. Richard
  3. BI Report Bursting

    Try using a comma ',' instead of a semi colon ';'. I know it doesn't make sense which is why it works. Doc ID: 2101745.1
  4. BI Publisher: Time to print PDF Invoice output

    Not sure what Tools Release level you are on, but on 9.1.4 there is Embedded BI Publisher Server Load application. We just started using BIP and haven't investigated that part yet. From what I have briefly read is that you can define multiple servers and then JDE polls whether it's a small job...
  5. Override Output file name in JDE

    We just went live with and that functionality is available. Have you applied ESU JM15623? That ESU holds the new BIP pieces. You are on the correct Tools Release level to take advantage is this new functionality. The minimum is You are on the 2nd 'bug' release and I'm on...
  6. Need Help in CSMS Meter Reading

    We used it to track mileage. I believe that program actually creates a JE into the F0911 for the details and F1202 for monthly buckets totals. There is a year end process that also needs to be run to carry over the beginning balance. My previous employer didn't run it and messed up their data...