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    E9.2 UBE to Link new attachments to a PO

    whats your tools release? media objects stored in the database or file system? looking at attaching links or the actual files?
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    JDE Object Browser 2.0

    got it. thanks for clarifying.
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    JDE Object Browser 2.0

    craig, low level, does this connect directly thru the db server when doing table browsing?
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    E9.2 new media objects

    I think i figured it out - gotta create a new object call "Media Object Structure" add the keys that get concatenated to the DS and save it. clear the global tables and then the GT shows up in the selection list for all the normal media object system functions
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    E9.2 new media objects

    I've got a new table and users have requested to attach notes and images the records. I've never done media objects. I've look at the way the P01012 does it - appears to be some sort of defaul media object global control? And then there is the media object control you can add to the form...
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    E9.2 Data Structure Values Sequence

    If it's a new dev - you'd best off deleting and re-adding - but that comes with it own set of downfalls.
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    E9.2 F3111WOIssuesEditLine Error

    get visual studio debugger going and set a break point on that line. run both programs locally and see whats different.
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    E9.0 Fix Inspect - Record Locks

    correct thinking. There may be some RDMS specific software that could provide this information to you, but nothing from JDE land other than F00095
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    E9.2 call orchestration from within E1 html client

    i haven't really messed with form extensions at all - but this might make me check it out. thanks
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    E9.2 call orchestration from within E1 html client

    just getting starting with orchestorator. seems like a cool product. i'm wondering if i can call an orchestrations from within a jde app or ube. thanks nate
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    Z1 process vs API for Journal Entries

    i personally have used the z files and api as well as GL bsfns. i prefer the z files because it allows for WC errors and user interface to see what was processed. Where as api(AIS) and bsfn require me to create that other interface.