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Recent content by Nithyananda

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    Standalone Installation 9.2

    Dear All, I am trying to install standalone 9.2 in my pc.But I am getting some error while running the weblogic server through command promt. Can anyone please send me the link of software required to install standalone 9.2? or can any body send me the file of software needed.I already...
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    match voucher to open recipt

    Hi All, I am getting error in match voucher to open receipt application that user defind code not available in 00 S .you cant find the error in grid . please let me know why i am getting this error.
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    Date Invalid or missing Error during po receipt creation

    Dear All, I have created one Purchase order,when i am creating a receipt process for that PO, I am geeting date Invalid or missing Error. please find the attached screen shoot for your refernace.and please let me know why i am getting this kind of error here.
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    Credit memo/Debit Memo(Invoice)

    Hi All. Could you please help me how can I create credit memo and debit memo for same customer in JDE,I know how to create a credit memo but I don't have a knowledge on Debit memo for same customer. For Example: I want to credit some amount to particular customer(bz: Too much price charged)...
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    contract billing process flow

    Hi All, Can anyone please help me on contract billing process?like what is the process flow and required set up for create a contract billing transaction.It will help to me a lot.Appreciate your patience.I am waiting for your reply. Thanks Nithya
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    Intercompany order

    Hi All, I tried to create a Intercompany order and I went is as follows: Order type-SI Header branch/plant-30 Line type-S line branch/plant -M30(different company) Sold to -4242 customer Ship to -4242 customer And I did ship confirm Finally I ran R420101C report but that report is showed...
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    Credit memo in JDE9.1

    Hi jim, Thanks for you update, but still I am not aware of how to do it can you please share a document for the same. Thanks Nithya
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    Credit memo in JDE9.1

    Hi All, I am working as a functional analyst in software company.I has one test case like, . Credit Memo 1. Create order for a customer with Tax 2. Ship confirm and Invoice Print 3. Now, customer sends tax exempt certificate to us. This means we have to credit the tax and adjust it from...
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    Assign Tax code to Particular Item In JDE E1

    Hi All, I am get struck in to assign a tax code to Particular Item in JDE E1. And I didn't found any place to assign tax code.I want to know is any place to assign tax code to particular item? or we don't have that field in JDE? If any one guided on this it ll be great help to me. Thanks...
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    Void posted Invoice

    Hi all, I am stuck in particular scenario in my project. The scenario is that I created one invoice and posted the same. But now I want to void that invoice. How can I do that one.If any one help me on this with navigation that is great help to me to get a knowledge on this. Thanks Nithya.
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    Setting discount at item level

    Hi All, I would like to give discount to particular item at the time of entering a sales order,like for first line i won't want to give discount,but second line i want to give 10% discount.But I am not able to that one and where actually we have to do a set up for this .I am...
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    Setting up Discounts at item level.

    Hi all, I am stuck in particular scenario in my project. The scenario is that we have to provide a discounts at the item level for the tax calculation. I know how to provide discounts at order level but i don't know how to provide discounts at the line level. For example I have a sales order...