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  1. CafeOne and Media Object Attachments

    Wondering if it is possible to display in a CafeOne Frame a media object either with TR or with the latest TR as upgrade is hopefully happening soon Thank you EnterpriseOne 9.2 with TR
  2. CafeOne default layout

    Developed a new CafeOne layout and have published to all users, now I would like to have all users have this CafeOne Layout set as their default, is there a way to push this out to users either through a PO, Database Update, E1 Page, Composed Page .... anything else I am at a loss on this one...
  3. Publishing CafeOne Layout

    I have successfully published a layout but it was available to all users, what is the best way to publish a layout or other UDO to specific users or roles? Thank you EnterpriseOne 9.2 with TR
  4. CafeOne and Form Interconnect

    I am trying to Create a CafeOne Layout which is successful in some aspects however some of the functionality of this form is enabled by a Form Interconnect when it is called from within another application, is there a way to pass a Form Interconnect parameter to a CafeOne frame or an I going to...
  5. Mobile Application Security

    everything the user needs to do from the web apps works without error, problem is where do I find what web apps are required by each mobile app?
  6. Mobile Application Security

    So this is driving me crazy and its probably something simple I am missing, but we are trying to get the Expense Management - Mobile Expense Entry app to work (M09E021) in EnterpriseOne - based on the User we are testing with I have narrowed down the issue to being security related as if I place...
  7. Not able to call custom report from P04571 application( work with payment groups)

    Hi dskasai123, hope I can help you here, I wont claim to know for sure but I am currently working on an issue with the same application and from what I can tell based on what you have entered, you would need to change the Payment Print Program to be P55xxxx not R55xxxx, although the P does not...
  8. New Data Items or Multiple Tables?

    Thank you, John. For some reason the concept of using a simple table with one question per record never entered my mind. This gives me another option to consider while designing this and I do like the simplicity of it.
  9. New Data Items or Multiple Tables?

    Greetings all, we have recently implemented 9.2 (not an upgrade) so we are new to the JDE E1 "World" we have been having some internal discussions and it may lead to me developing a custom form to collect some simple data in the form of primarily multiple choice questions. I put together a quick...
  10. E1 Pages - Link to Task or Directly to Application/UBE

    I am in a situation where I have the ability and probably requirement to re-do all the E1 Pages in our organization, looking for some insight on reasons to first create a task item and associated menu vs linking the button directly to the desired application/UBE. The reason of if a version...
  11. E1 Page Custom Icons

    Working with E920, TR trying to find how to apply custom icons to E1 Pages, using E1 Page Composer there is a check box called Auto Image, this applies the default JDE Icon, when I uncheck the box a field appears for Custom Image, here I believe I type the name of the image. What I don't...