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    Merging Time Cards

    Can anyone suggest a way to create a 'Change Rule' to merge two time cards (Eg. a Holiday Pay Type and an everyday Pay Type, such as Pay Type 1) into a single time card with a single Pay Type? So, if an employee entered time (Pay Type 1 - what they would use every day) on a Holiday (which would...
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    Error Message "078H" - Update to table F0011 failed ?

    Error Message \"078H\" - Update to table F0011 failed ? I'm involved in an upgrade and am working on the conversion of the GL. I am receiving an error while executing the R09110Z batch processor. The Update report shows no errors and displays the correct number of transactions and records that...
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    How can we programmatically scan & update the blob field in the F00165 Media Objects table?

    How can we programmatically scan & update the blob field in the F00165 Media Objects table? Would like to know the perferred method of reading & editing a blob field (like in the F00165 Media Object table). It seems we have a lot of extra <CR> (Carriage Returns) and <LF> (Line Feeds) in the...
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    R31804 - Variance Journal Entries

    Processing option No.2 on the <PROCESS> tab for this report is supposed to allow you the ability to choose if you'd like to summarize the transactions across WO's or not. However, no matter if you enter a <1> to summarize or a <blank> to not summarize, it will summarize the transactions...
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    Help needed

    To answer your first question, a three-way match compares the voucher you are entering to: • The original purchase order • The supplier's invoice • The purchase order receipt record for the items that were received (like a G/L Post Report) Three-way matches are generally used for purchases of...
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    Sequel Server question

    Donald, Thank you for the response. I agree that that is the quick and simple way to do it, however, because of security issues with the data contained in the TXT file, we do not want to have that file sitting on the server any longer than absolutely necessary. Thus, we want to invoke the...
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    Sequel Server question

    Does anyone know of a way to monitor for a new file (which will be in TXT format) that will be loaded to the JDE server from our Mainframe and then, subsequently execute (or Trigger) a call to launch a table conversion (TC) UBE to process the in-bound TXT file? I recognize that this is...
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    Queries about launching UBE

    What is required to use the 'LaunchBatchApplication' on the Sequel Server? I have a situation where they want the ability to monitor for a file (in .TXT format) that is being transferred from the mainframe, and once that file is created on the JDE server, they want to automatically kick off...
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    Polling from within ER

    Daniel, thanks for your reply. However, for our purposes we need to read the response as soon as it occurs. The third-party software is a credit card authorization package. We are simply passing a REQUEST transaction (as a flat text file) into an 'Export' folder. The third-party credit card...
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    Polling from within ER

    I am looking at integrating a third-party application with EnterpriseOne and have a question regarding 'polling' on the return transaction. The plan is execute a call from within a 'C' business function and interactively call a custom NER. This NER would parse the data, create a flat text...
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    Credit card software other than Go

    The RiTA software is now known as "PAYware Transact" by a company called Verifone (previously known as 'GO Software, Inc'). I'm currently working on implementing this third-party software with Enterprise One (8.12) for a client's credit card processing requirements.
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    Cannot view PO values in ER Debugger (E8.11)

    Has anyone using E8.11 come across a situation where they cannot view the "Processing Option" or "Report Interconnect" values while using the ER Debugger on a UBE? The values appear to be passed okay, but while stepping through the UBE, I cannot see the values in the PO or RI fields. My...