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    Attach OLE

    Hi Kris12 Yes, this BSFN B90CA892 is working but i have to tweak the original input file name in the BSFN. My requirement is uploading Invoice Print (done by 3rd party tool) from 3rd party location to Media Object Queue for P4210 header. It is working fine.
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    Inventory Commitment Method

    We had the similar situation and we managed to customize the ‘pick slip report – R42520’ where we hard commit the inventory. We did specifically because client doesn’t want to use ‘Advanced Warehouse Management’. If you want to customize R42520 you have to customize at least four business...
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    Payment Instrument and Doc Type

    I believe ‘Pre note code’ (P04012) causing to create PK records instead of PT. If Pre Note Code is checked then system will create PK record , if unchecked system will create PT record.This is irrespective of Payment Instrument.
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    Part missing when attaching the parts list (R31410)

    If your issue is like a wrong item being added to parts list which is not defined in BOM,then you should check whether you have any "item substitutes" defined for the missing part.
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    VMI ?

    Yes..we have modified EDI. BSFN which is used in R47011 to create transfer order by using. F47012.URRF field for "To Branch blant" successfully.
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    VMI ?

    It sounds like me as 'Consignment Process'.I believe you can cover this requirement by creating 'Transfer Order'. Sales side for real Customer and Purchase side from Vendor (who actaully owns inventory).But in E1 we don't have any standard report that creates Transfer Orders having huge volumes...
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    Promised Ship Date in EDI Processing

    In R47011 this scenario is working fine in later versions (Version 812 | Toolset is a SAR: 5702440 for this scenairo in MOS.You can refer to that. And i believe you are using Delivery Date Preference.
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    What is the standard JDE logic to determine if the lot number is required or not for an Item ?

    Re: What is the standard JDE logic to determine if the lot number is required or not for an Item ? Lot Control is configured at the Item Level.In World the options are Serial Number Required,Lot Status Code & Lot Proces Type. Lot Process Type defines if a LOT is required for that Item (or) not.
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    Printer overrides for DSI Script

    You can use the event "Do Initialize Printer" placed at Report Level to override Default Printer.E1 have a system function called "Initialize Logical Printer Name" which will work in the "Do Initialize Printer" EVENT only. Using this event, you can print the same report to different printers...
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    Access data across environments in JDE

    You can use HANDLES to access/upate/insert DATA accross different Data Sources.I believe this is what your requirement.Please refer to this doc ID 639024.1 in MOS.
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    Overiding next status in PO

    You can use "P43025 - PO Speed Status Update" to update STATUS for all lines in a PO.All you have to do is configure (Set Processing Options ) a version as per your requirements.
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    Weighted Average and Base Price Issue - ST order type

    Check if the WAC is Zero in that particular B/P.Because when the Item Cost is not defined in F4105 or it is equal to Zero ,then the system will get the Price from F4106.
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    Indexed Allocation Not Creating Transactions in F0911 (empty batches)

    Hi All I have the same issue like when the report R093021 run in final mode it is not creating F0911 records. In the PDF output it is showing 0002 : Error : Record Invalid.I have checked the entire code in the report R093021 but can't find a scenario where it will write this particular...