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  1. Designing BIPublisher template for Work order print - R31415

    Davide OK. Makes sense. Question. Could you send me your RTF template? I can then add the order number and make sure coding is ok.
  2. Designing BIPublisher template for Work order print - R31415

    Hey list Due to some technical reasons, we had to urgently create a R31415 based BIPublisher template. I am able to generate the XML file as well as to build the initial WO print (showing WO detail info, parts list and routing info). However, when multiple orders are selected, the sections...
  3. FX error when applying RTF template in JDE 9.0

    Found it. Used a wrong BIP desktop version in conjunction with JDE 9.0
  4. FX error when applying RTF template in JDE 9.0

    A couple of months ago, we've started introducing BIPublisher as our main operational JDE reporting tool. Some of our units still use 9.0 and some are using 9.1. When i try to upload a RTF template at one of our 9.0 units, i get always a FX error with 0 output. When i apply a Excel template...
  5. Address book -> Fetch on F0116

    All, Recently, when attempting to create a new AB record, a F0116 fetch error pops up. Any idea what could cause this error to appear? I read something about a blank value within UDC 01 SC which must exists. Checked that and it does exist in that UDC.
  6. Service management initial setup

    Hey list, We're trying to setup a very basic model of the "service management" module (G17). When attempting to create a provider group (P17506), we get some strange error messages. I would like to know if someone has experience in setting up the service management module and if he/she has...
  7. Outsource or not to outsource?

    All, not sure which forum would apply so i am using this one just to be sure. Who has made a decision to outsource (or not to outsource) it's JDE support in all or some specific functional areas? Did you outsource the total support or e.g. only tier 1? I am looking for the pro's and con's of...
  8. Payment batch type (K and M) unable to post

    Morning list, I am not a finance expert so i hope someone can help me out with the following issue. We have some voided payments which have not yet been posted. The related voucher has been deleted. When i now try to post the batch (type K or M) i receive an duplicate entry error. We've...
  9. R31802 batch failure => F3102 and GL errors

    Thanks for all your input. We've decided not to update the F3102
  10. R31802 batch failure => F3102 and GL errors

    Morning list, This week (of course during month end closure) one of our R31802 (WIP) batches did not end succesfully. This has caused a lot of work orders not to be booked correctly (F3102/GL mismatch with WO info). Also when we try to run the R31804 (variances) we get different results then...
  11. Advanced Planning

    Morning list, Does anyone have a powerpoint presentation or word document available describing the contents of the Advanced Planning modules (SNO, demand forecasting, demand consensus, etc) within ERP9.0? Thanks
  12. APS integration within ERP9.0

    Re: RE: APS integration within ERP9.0 Thanks for your help Tim, Any further info available regarding APS (or now VCP) is appreciated. Thx
  13. APS integration within ERP9.0

    Morning List, Does anyone know to what extend the APS software has been integrated within ERP9.0? Is it similar as e.g. the advanced warehouse or transportation modules? Simply activating a flag and you're ready to use the module? Or do you always need to pay extra licensing fees for using APS...
  14. Functional documentation APS (SCM) module ERP 9.0

    Morning list, Does someone have a functional documentation available regarding the APS (advanced planning) module within ERP 9.0? It's basically the old Numetrix (SNO, Demand management, etc) software but then the most recent document. Thx Martijn
  15. P0411 and advanced payment terms

    Morning list, Since a while the advanced payment terms within A/P (manual voucher entry) doesn't seem to work anymore. The due date always is set equal to the invoice date. When i however simulate the advanced payment term OR within A/R (sales update) everything seems to work fine. Any idea...