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  1. E9.0 SQ line removal and reorder

    Hi, 2 questions -Which application do you use ? (P4210 or P42101) -What do you mean by "reoder lines" ? Could you please explain ? Thks
  2. E9.2 Stocking type U - cannot use when creating a ST document type

    Hi jgagnon, the 'U' is dedicated for end use-up items. But yet, it's still allowed to place orders. What is the type of error ? Mathieu
  3. E9.1 Completed Dates in Lot Master (F4108.UA04)

    Hi John, glance at the UDC table 40/LD wherein you specify by document(s) type the relevant category in the description 1 (1 to 6 go to IOUA01 to IOUA06). Any inventory transaction type will update the transaction date in the related field corresponding to the considered item/lot/branch. Mathieu
  4. E9.2 UOM Conversion Unsuccessful with Dimensions

    Hi Felipe, JDE needs a way for establishing the link between the primary (EA) and the dimension (MT). Even if it may seem like non sense, you must make the link between dimension and volume UoM. you must review within the item conversion (P41002) for the primary Uom conversion (P41003) Example...
  5. XE Unable to process pick requests when creating sales orders through EDI Inbound 850(R47011)

    By any chance, are the stock of your lines available ? If not, the picking request are not issued.
  6. E9.1 Lot Process Type BLANK vs 0

    It's just to quickly identify items that are not lot-managed (=' ') at all from those that are optionally lot-managed (='0') (just for report purpose). The technical result is unfortunately the same if you enter a batch number: JDE does not prevent a lot entry even if the value is ' '...
  7. How to identify Split Lines on an Order

    It is precisely not recommended to enter line numbers with a suffix in order to keep this link with the original order when splitting any origin (shipping, reservation, shipping confirmation, substitution, kit, ...). The only link between parent/child line numbering is used in kitting. In that...
  8. N/A What is Object P4074 Check Price and Availability Used for

    Yes, of course, by default, it's possible to add / change / remove any adjustment. It's recommended to restrict the access to this application (view mode). Mathieu (the famous F4211/SDPROV is put to '1' in case of change for audit purpose)
  9. E9.2 Credit Order reverse

    Hi JDE folk, it is a well know mistake. Users (JDE beginner) have the reflex to enter signed quantities for credit order whereas it is automatically reversed by the line type definition (LNTY) during the line validation, involving an ordered positive quantity and then, stock issuing instead of...
  10. E9.2 Pricing Configured Items at Cost+10% (Cost Method 07)

    Hi, have you tried a line level adjustment setup by order group (based on sales order type) with a preference hierarchy including the customer level, and then, one or two adjustments with a basis code ='3' (this basis works in line level only), the percentage of the relevant cost method ? Does...
  11. E9.2 P4210 Sales Order Dates Non-Workday Error Instead of Warning

    Hi all, keep in mind that changing gravity level is applicable for all transactions. Is it what you're looking for ? Maybe a detailed functional procedure and good user training could be better. Also, you could customize the DD error glossary by adding some particular recommendations.. Mathieu
  12. E9.1 Item Branch Display Category Code Screen

    Hi richipper, have you tried the Supplemantal Data by items/branch ? By calling the relevant category codes form (P41026 W41026G ZJDE0001) , you can directly access the category code screen. (I did it in E91 Tools 915 w/o problem) Mathieu (don't listen to the developer 😇 )
  13. E9.1 Put a Location on Hold - Not Lot Specific

    Hi Richchipper, I suggest you a solution which could work : I think you could create both secondary locations (REWORK and RTRN) for each item/branch with the LOCATION status to non blank value. So, each time you enter stock into one of two locations, it will be hold (event managed by lot)! The...
  14. Item XRef by Ship To

    Except customization, you could prevent to accept an order on the wrong couple item-Ship to thanks to the advanced pricing. I suppose there is already a post related to that tips. Refer you to mandatory prcing adjustment which prevent an order entry if this kind of adjustment doesn't apply. You...
  15. Friday goofiness within SVR - where'd my SAR go?

    Re: Friday goofiness within SVR - where\'d my SAR go? Could you check you CASE profile and the SAR file library ?