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  1. Master Production Scheduling 9.1

    Good morning Jeff, do you still work with MRP on an E1 platform ? I am looking for someone who has some experience with setting up an MPS in a manufacturing cell. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]
  2. MPS and how to use it

    Hi Richard, I am not confident we have the skill set here to understand what E1 can do for us in terms of switching on MPS. We use MRP but then re-prioritise because we cant make the parts quick enough to meet our requirements. Its a bit of a mess. I want to look at anyone out there that uses...
  3. MPS and how to use it

    I am looking for a manufacturing company that successfully run MPS on 8:11 or 9:2 for some help. We are currently running MRP in 8:11 Mark