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  1. MarcÃo

    How to add a blank primary location

    Register the blank location using the P4100 application. Include the blank location in the desired item using the P41024 application. In the P41024 application, look for the item / Branch and activate the option to change to primary in the blank location.
  2. MarcÃo

    Dual UOM- SD/OD -SD extended price not recalculating after OD receipt

    keep the quantity adjusted and clear the total value of the receiving line and see how it behaves.
  3. MarcÃo

    E9.2 Invalid Record Error in P43081

    See if the approval route code has any special characters (Ç, É, Í, etc.).
  4. MarcÃo

    E9.2 Problem Insert F4211 ECST

    Check the TAB (3) - Price / Cost Update, it may be that it has the call to some version of R42950.
  5. MarcÃo

    E9.2 P43025 - Speed Status Change

    Good night, Are the versions you use the same as the user? Are the selected lines in the same status? Are the statuses being updated allowed by the activity rules (Order type / Line type)?
  6. MarcÃo

    VAT valuated at payment in foreign currency Mexico

    --089e01184dd4b44beb04de95db95 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable =E2=80=8BFlexible accounting does not solve your problem? Marcos Brazil P Antes de imprimir pense em sua responsabilidade e compromisso com o MEIO AMBIENTE