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    F41021 Other Quantities on A8.1

    Re : Re: RE: F41021 Other Quantities on A8.1 Yes, but please keep in mind that is going to be affected to the location when you change secondary to primary. because committed Qty still remained on the inventory (F41021).
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    Issue connecting to E1Local with 9.1 Applications...

    It works! Plz, see the Attachments =============================================================================================================== ===============================================================================================================
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    XE cannot delete PushButton in interactive app

    Hi~ I figured out this like below. 1. Edit Hyperitem "cancel" to "User define". 2. Delete Form Control button (You can delete button after edit hyperitem.) 3. Add Hyperitem "Cancel". 4. Delete Hyperitem "User Define" Warning! Please, Check your code, It might happen delete your code... I dont...
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    About Master Bussiness Function..

    Hi. I`m using the JD Edward Enterprise One Tool Release 8.97. there is a Master bussiness function in the transportation module "Load Confirm Begin Doc". "Load Confirm Edit Line". "Load Confirm Edit Doc". "Load Confirm End Doc". I have no idea how to use it. Please Let me know what does the...