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    How do you make a parameter read only

    There is a simple solution to you last problem. Test the variable in a formula field starting with "BeforeReadingRecords;" Place this formula in the report header section and hide it. Then if value = default set value = desired value; Not quite the right syntax but you get the idea. Hope...
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    Problema with rounding

    Ola Daniel ok - that is a start. I'm guessing that you have your invoice summarizing the two sales order detail lines together. Is that correct? If so, I might not be familiar with the area where your problem exists, but lets take a stab at it. If I do the math on your figures 139.96 / 5...
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    Problema with rounding

    Hi Daniel - AEXP is the extended amount of the sales order detail line. In order to understand what might be happening we need to know a bit about how that is set up. To start, how about getting us a the item, quantity, unit price, unit of measure as entered, and pricing unit of measure. If...
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    Reserving inventory for the tier one customer

    We do something akin to that now and it generates issues in our warehouse we'd like to overcome. The warehouse just wants to store stuff in the most rational way. When you "reserve" space for a specific kind of customer in order to segregate your markets you constrain them on where they can...
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    Reserving inventory for the tier one customer

    We're considering a similar problem. We're examining using blanket SO's to soft commit the inventory and then do releases against that for the hard commit. We're not very far along on that thought, but its what we've come up with. I'd love to hear a better idea.
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    Serial Numbers

    It also makes sense for returns and can be fairly common for medical devices which can have physical attributes like size. Surgeon thinks they need x and orders X-1 and X+1 to have in surgery just in case. Unused devices the re-enter inventory on a return.
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    Re: Tools versus iSeries (AS400) [ QUOTE ] We are under JDETOOLS 8.95 ( 8.10 with WTS i know!) and we are in the process to upgrade to JDETOOLS 8.98. The decision to make is a choice to keep the iseries (AS400) as a data server or not. For those who have already upgraded to 8.98...
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    Point of sale (POS) with JD Edwards

    We've used a couple of POS systems, RMS by Msft and Versapos by Systime. We're in the process of moving all of our stores to VPOS because they offer an "integration" server that will take care of pushing data between the two systems. RMS is probably the better of the two purely as a POS but...
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    Shipping Software that plays nice with E1

    UPS has a product called Connect Ship that seems to play nicely. You're UPS rep will be able to plug you into the information for it.
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    Get UDC Description in Crystal Reports

    There are two solutions. One is to configure the ODBC connection to provide them instead of the code. You'll find this in Configure Data Source under the ODBC Data Source Administrator. The other (more useful imho) is to fetch them in a sub report and bring them back. this lets you retain...
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    JDB Select Keyed Failed error in Crystal

    I'm assuming your using the E1 supplied ODBC connection. Your post doesn't specify how your connecting to the data. If so, this is likely to be a problem with local specs on the machine. Crystal uses those local specs to provide the descriptions you see in the field explorer. You'll need to...
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    Issue:BarCode Print to Line Printer

    There is a fairly inexpensive product called RPM Print Manager that will solve this problem for you. We've used it to drive line printers off an I-Series and translate special characters to the escape codes needed by epson printers to shift to embedded barcode fonts. You'll find it at RPM...
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    Cheque signer from E1

    Your choices are 1) forms package 2) BI Publisher or 3) a check signing machine. You don't list your enviroment (version, platform, etc.) so there is no way to tell which might be the most appropriate.
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    Offshore Dev Resources and Secure Networks

    You can't really weigh in on a security question in a meaningful way w/o understanding what is at risk. If you were securing Nuclear Launch Codes or millions of credit card transactions you'd get one answer. If you're securing the number of bushels of corn in your warehouses, you'd get...
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    Scanning barcode and automatically tab to next field

    Probably - yes. I'm assuming your talking about a hand held scanner directly connected to the users machine. You'll need the programming manual for your scanner. Most scanners will permit you to program a post-amble into the scanner so you can add a carriage return or tab as you need it...