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  1. E1 JDE 9.1 Apps Release -- Deployment Server Files Corrupt -- Help Needed!

    I was in the process of extracting files for our 9.1 Apps Release - Deployment Server and it seems as if the following files, ascontrol.ear and E1Local14.CAB, are corrupt: - Deployment Server\System\OC4J\j2ee\home\applications\ascontrol.ear - Deployment Server\OneWorldClient Install\Third...
  2. Weblogic procees uses at least 60% of CPU

    Thank you Jon...we are running 64 bit, so I will make the change. As for the -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -- that is fine or should it be increased?
  3. Weblogic procees uses at least 60% of CPU

    Thank you Brandon. Another quick question -- what are your thoughts about disabling the garbage collection feature, by adding the option -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit to the startup scripts. I saw pros/cons about doing this. Thoughts?
  4. Weblogic procees uses at least 60% of CPU

    We seem to also have the "stuck threads issues", as well as, just recently java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded. Now our JVMs seem to be stable for 2 weeks or so, then, all of a sudden, issues start happening. We have 4 WLS servers with 2 production JVMs and 2 test JVMs...
  5. JDE E1 Performance Monitor with Tools Release 898

    We are running E1 811 SP1/Tools Release - with WebLogic Servers, 10.5 (11g) - Server Manager 9.1.2. Refer to link below, as we are in the installing/configuring stage of the RTE Monitor (Transaction Server), which is all being done through Server Manager. However, RTE was setup...