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  1. Platform pack install

    Hello tot, Do you've the database components for JDE 9.2 extracted under platform pack extracted directory (X:/platform pack extracted pkg/orcl)? Can you share the platform pack installation logs? It is found under C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs
  2. How to secure custom business services using SSL ?

    Anybody knows how to secure JAX-WS business services? JAX-RPC is getting secured after the BSSV package is deployed but JAX-WS business services are not secured ( meaning I'm able to access the business service w/o passing credentials in SOAP header)
  3. How to build and deploy custom BSSV?

    Hello Chan Rana , Thank you. I'm trying my best to get the things running straight at first instance itself. Basically, its tuff to post what all tried before posting a question over here. If that's the expectation for giving a solution to the problem, I don't mind putting it over here. But I...
  4. Unable to test bssv locally using JDeveloper

    Yes I do. Thanks I will have a look into it :)
  5. How to secure custom business services using SSL ?

    Just curious to know how to secure custom JAX-WS business services developed (Tools and weblogic 10.3.6). I've built the bssv package and deployed into the weblogic application server. My custom business service deployed is not secured. No errors found in clientBuild package. Any...
  6. How to build and deploy custom BSSV?

    Thank you !! That worked :)
  7. How to build and deploy custom BSSV?

    I'm trying to build and deploy a custom bssv. How can I do this? I see entries only in F98601,F98602 only and not in F98603. The custom bssv is not listed in business service assembly application. Looking through one of the JDE forums, I came to know that the custom bssv's will be automatically...
  8. Unable to test bssv locally using JDeveloper

    I've built a new custom business service (for ex:- with a custom package com.x.y ) in my DV910 environment and trying to do a simple unit testing locally. While doing, I'm getting "User is not allowed to invoke this published business service". I'm not able to provide access to this published...
  9. Consuming SSL enabled webservices in JDeveloper

    Hello All, I'm trying to import wsdl of a SSL enabled webservice using JDeveloper in JDE , but facing the following issue "No WSDL can be found" Attached below the screenshot of it for reference.. Any thoughts or insights would be helpful.
  10. Bulk Insert in JDE bssv

    Okay..just wondering if inserting one by one would be a costly operation..
  11. Bulk Insert in JDE bssv

    Hello ONYX , Thanks for your inputs. It makes more sense to go with an ETL process if the bulk inserts are going to be frequent. But in my case, the bulk inserts are not going to happen frequently (3 months once) ...and will be having 5-15 batches each batch with 50 records. I was under the...
  12. Referential Integrity in JDE tables

    Oh okay... got it... thanks :)
  13. Referential Integrity in JDE tables

    nkuebelbeck & RussellCodlin Gotcha...Thank you..:) Just curious to know if there is a specific reason on why the referential integrity is maintained in the software layer alone unlike the ones in traditional RDBMS ?
  14. Package build:- unable to find jdertdll in central objects

    I've resolved this issue on my own. Anyone facing this kind of issue, please try to create a new full package from scratch. I was trying to resubmit the build by changing the compiler settings in JDE.ini of enterprise server. Looks like any change in the compiler settings (JDE.ini) requires a...
  15. Referential Integrity in JDE tables

    Hello All, How is the referential integrity maintained in JDE tables ?. In the table design aid, I see an option to include only Primary keys and not foreign keys. Any specific reason on why there isn't an option to mark a field as foreign key?