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  1. E9.1 How to archieve XML source in BI publisher

    Dear All viewers, I want to take a copy of XML source whenever BI report submitted and the same to be archived in desired location. I need the original xml source data. kindly reply with proper approach. your help would be appreciated. Regards, KAN
  2. cant print out foreign language text in the PDF

    Kindly Share your xml as well. I try my best and let you know. Thanks & Regards, K A Naidu.
  3. Tabular Report

    Sorting and level break required Hi KSK, you need to put sorting on AN8 and enable level break then u will get all employees salaries and totals of the same in the last line. Ellen Deak is absolutely right. Refer the attached screenshot of the same. still if you have anything, please let us...
  4. How to output multiple languages using BIP

    HI Sai Kiran, Could you please add attach translated template. so that i can understand it in brief. (if you have please attached with screenshots.) Best Regards, Naidu
  5. How to develop C Business Function

    Dear Friends, Can anyone tell me how to develop C Business Function. I read the documents related C Business Function. But I am confused a lot still. how to initiate developing! If any document related it, which illustrates in brief and understandable, please share the doc. Thank you very...
  6. Not Enabled BI publisher Tab in excel 2013

    I believe it will surely work out. go to this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\BI Publisher\BI Publisher Desktop\DotNetInstallFiles" once if go this path, pls install the following file. "ETBMenuSetup2007-64" . pls make sure ur system should be restarted once it is installed. K A Naidu,
  7. Not Enabled BI publisher Tab in excel 2013

    Hi, anyone can help me in this? in my pc, i installed MS office 2013 64Bit, as well BI Desktop installed. In word, BI publisher tab is enabled. But in Excel it not enabled. not showing that tab in excel. please help me how to do it. Regards, K A Naidu