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    Tools on Application E9.1 ... will Orchestrator and all the other UDO's work as expected?

    Client has E9.1 with Tools Currently I don't have a URL for studio, nor UDO security setup and am asking for it... But dumb question: Does Orchestrator actually work on this sort of setup? Cheers JohnO
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    JDE Object Browser 2.0

    This is probably a crazy idea, but could this tool be designed and built to run purely on a thin client, using XMLCallobject to retrieve everything it currently finds on a local fat client? With Orchestration and UDOs I often find myself on a client site project without a development client...
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    N/A JDE API Software?

    E1 Orchestrator is free, isn't it?
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    F4211 Edit line for Changing item number

    I think BOster is right, but to prove it try and change the item number on an existing line interactively with P4210. Make sure your processing options are set up to allow change at the line's status etc. If you can't do it interactively you probably can't do it programatically.
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    Oracle Cloud - JD Edwards Trial Edition

    Sorry too long ago to remember the specifics but as I said above, I did not follow the steps in the guide (linked from the same page you install from) exactly. I had skipped the steps setting up network access rules where you identify network ports that will be allowed in and out. Follow the...
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    Confirm Shipment using 3rd Party Application

    If on 9.2, build an orchestration that does the Ship Confirm using a recorded P4205 form service request, and then just call your orchestration as a REST service.
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    UDO Best Practice

    Hi all, Turns out that (as of 9.2.4) you can restrict the base form of a Personal Form... by using *BASE ... So the users can be restricted to one or more Personal Forms, but be prevented from reverting to the "No Personalisation" base form. See Doc ID 2072336.1 Happy daze...
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    No "Images" under "Manage Content"

    Hi all, On our JDE 9.2.4 home page, the "Manage Content" drop down has "Composed Pages", "Classic Pages" and "Search Groups", but not "Images". Is there some security config missing here? Thanks JohnO
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    Best practice custom UBE.

    9.2.4 tools allows compare/merge of several object types - see https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E53430_01/EOTSU/compare_tools.htm#EOTSU141 ... but PO templates not one of them (although there is a Processing Option Compare that may do what you want)...
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    UDO Best Practice

    Yeah, our pre-upgrade 9.0 users are using GridFormats so that will continue... Re the default attribute not being resettable... I wonder if that can be done through SQL?
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    UDO Best Practice

    Cheers Larry. I am new to this and discovering new things all the time - for instance if you create a UDO over a form, say a Grid Format, it is against the version you created it on. However P98220U has a row exit that allows you to copy the UDO to any or all other versions of the form. Very...
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    UDO Best Practice

    Hi all, My client is looking at using UDOs where possible in their 9.2 upgrade, to eliminate modifications to custom JDE objects. We've identified a number of patterns and ways to use UDOs to eliminate them so that's all looking well and good. Now we're looking at how we manage these UDOs. All...
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    Assign Lot Number X41LOT Record lock timings. Duplicate LOTNs

    Raise a SAR and then lets take some bets on it being accepted... and resolved!
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    Orcehstration and string variables in Message service requests (shortcts)

    That could well be it. The 9.2.4 studio is so much nicer and the improvements to orchestration components do tend to be things you wished were there in earlier releases.
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    Orcehstration and string variables in Message service requests (shortcts)

    I just whipped up the same thing - a DataRequest over F4311, followed by a Message service request that iterates over the Data Request. The Data request has a name defined for the record set, and Return Fields defined with names e.g. OrderCompany etc. The FormInterconnect uses P4311.W4311G. In...