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  1. Seeking tips to issue on cycle count items limitation

    I saw this happen before when the post jobs were not going to a single-threaded queue, and users were over-anxious and posted the same count again before it was finished.
  2. Is there a JDE utility to calculate the # of Working Days between 2 dates?

    I have also used B3100300 for this and it worked well.
  3. Watchlist based on One View Report

    Thanks for the reply. The issue is the calculated field. You can create a calculated field in a One View table, but I don't believe that is possible in the source application grid (without customization).
  4. Watchlist based on One View Report

    I have a request to create a Watchlist based on a calculated field (margin). Is it possible to use a One View report as the source for a Watchlist? Thanks