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    E9.1 Batch Approval / Workflow Both a Secured and Approved User

    Yes, a user can be both an approver for certain users and a secured user. It also doesn't follow a strict hierarchy, so you can set up the scenario where the controller's entries might need to be approved by a manager.
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    N/A Chrome Update breaks JDE application launching

    We are on and had the same issue this morning on some programs but not others. It appears that our problem is with the E1 Composed Page. They launched successfully through favorites, navigator and fast path, but some failed on the composed pages. The ones that are failing are set up...
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    E9.1 Fixed Asset Rollforward

    It's been a long time, I don't know that we went full on to a rollforward, but we created a report showing beginning balance, additions, retirements and ending balances. I think you should be able to add transfers in as well. We created a custom report using the Fixed Asset Report Writer...
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    E9.2 call orchestration from within E1 html client

    In addition, I think with your tools release you can use a form extension to add a button to an app and attach the orchestration to the button. It can then be run standalone or using selected rows as inputs.
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    E9.0 Go-to-End (Go to End) Performance?

    I'm more on the functional side, but from my past experience, I don't think 40 seconds for 10K records on P09200 is unreasonable. I've never requested 75K rows on any application so I can't really speak to that. I would ask what they are going to do with it though, once all the records are...
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    Rid is required Error on Orch

    I've received this error before in a couple of situations, but it doesn't seem to be consistent. I'm sure there are certain situations that drive it, but for me it's been: 1. The form I'm calling does a 'Find upon Entry'. On the web client it's limited to the first 50 rows or so, but on...
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    JDE and Virtual Credit Cards

    We haven't done it yet, but had some discussions to understand how it works. My understanding is that you send a payment file to the bank / credit card processor, not sure of the format. Then the bank pays the vendor directly via a virtual credit card. The vendor gets an email telling them...
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    Report Design Aid - CSV layout window missing

    In RDA, go to View --> User Options and there should be an option to Show CSV Tip Dialog. To do the manual settings, you want the Grid Alignment to be set to 52 Horizontal and 8 Vertical.
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    How to run a report with BIP output (excel)

    In OMW find the version you are running, go to Revise Version, then take the Form exit for Report Definition. Then attach the report definition there to the version.
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    Translate to local language in JDE E1 8.12

    For item 1, the way I've done it is to have a specific business unit for the country that we used as the model that would have all the translations on it. Then we used R09813 to propagate the translations out.
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    Re-purpose Business Unit for a Different Company/Country

    If they are re-using one from within the same company, I don't see any issue. Likewise if you are using one from another company that has never been used, i.e. no transactions in F0911, F0902, F4201, F4211, etc. you should be fine. Otherwise, I wouldn't do it. If you move it from company 1 to...
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    AR Aging

    R03B4201B should give you a good as-of report. You need to make sure you populate both the date on the first tab and the 'Date' tab with your as-of date. The other consideration is that the standard data selection for that report has where open amount <> 0. This needs to be removed for the...
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    Invoice - Penny Difference with Tax

    It seems that I had this problem a long long time ago, and if I'm remembering right it's because it was calculating tax at the line item level, not the invoice level. The G/L / Online Invoice tax amount was each sales order line item tax rounded to the nearest penny totaled up, while the...
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    Localization Setting in User Profile?

    In many cases (for us) the only localizations we were using applied to the financial modules only, and even then, mostly to the processing functions only. In those cases we only turned on the localizations for the finance users, but turned on the language & decimal settings for all users in...
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    file upload from web client

    We used Filezilla to allow the user to drop the .csv file onto a server, then called a batch process from JDE to retrieve the file and drop it into the proper folder on the enterprise server. Then did normal table conversion processing.