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    Adjust Due Date to a future date on Billing records due to COVID-19

    1. Yes 2. F03B11 AR Customer Ledger 3. RPDDJ Due Date and the audit fields - something like this: update pddta.f03B11 set rpddj=120153, --6/1/2020 rpuser='SHEEBA', rppid='SQL', rpjobn='SQL', --AUDIT FIELDS rpupmj=120080, rpupmt=084000...
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    R42550 Release Credit Holds E1 9.2

    Even if R42550 worked, be careful when using it. From MOS Doc ID 2319760.2: "When releasing held orders, Release Credit Holds (R42550) performs only a credit limit check. R42550 does not perform an aging credit check. If an order is on hold because it exceeds the aging criteria but does not...
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    Future of ERP Financials: Oracle vs. Peoplesoft vs. JDE

    The Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Applications has the current end dates for Premier/Extended/Sustaining Support for each ERP. http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/lifetime-support-applications-069216.pdf
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    Processing Automatic Receipts question: Status H

    We have our Accounts Receivable team manually rework the actual receipts via P03B102 Standard Receipts Entry before posting them. We then purge the F03B13Z1 Electronic Receipts Input file via R03B0041A Purge Electronic Receipt after six months.
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    How to handle International Addresses

    Larry - I'm not sure who you're replying to. If you're replying to my post, the addresses on POs, invoices, etc. include the code (e.g. "WA") - not the full state name.
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    How to handle International Addresses

    In the State Code field, our Description 1 value for WA is "Western Australia/Washington", and we have similar descriptions for other codes that overlap. I'm not aware any reporting requirements our company has to see the full description of the State Code. Having the Country Code in our...
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    JDE Enterprise One - how good is it really?

    Yes, it can be hosted on a central server locally. Yes, Chrome will be acceptable. Yes, WorldWriter is a World-only thing. E1 users can generate their own reports with One View Reporting.
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    Separate out one branch plant into multiple branch plants (at least three)

    Two more things to consider: 1. Do you want to change the branch plant field on your address book records? 2. Do some users want to change their default branch plant in P400951?
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    JDEasy - Has anyone used this company?

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    Event type in Security History table(F9312)

    From E1: SEC: Security History Review On Event Type (SHEVTYP) 04 (Doc ID 1300235.1) Answer 1: There are 2 reasons to log an Event Type of 04: System Administrator Change is written to the F9312 (Security History) table when the System Admin performs a password change for a user. This event...
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    Implement Finacncilas on 8.12

    Have you tried the 8.12 implementation guide at https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/jdedent-098169.html ?
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    Credit Order Hold Code

    When the order was entered, did you receive warnings saying the order was on hold? If so, did you expand them to see what hold codes were listed? If your order is on multiple holds, you should be able to see that on P43070 Held Order Release and F4209 Held Orders.
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    Audit Trail for Customer Master and Supplier Master

    Welcome Saravanan! You're not interrupting - you're asking a reasonable question. You can activate the audit processing in the MBF processing options for P0100043, so that all changes (with before and after images, if you like) made via P04012 are written to the F0401Z1. You can use this file...
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    Automatic Payments

    From My Oracle Support document E1: 04: How To Write, Update Or Undo Work With Automatic Payment Control Groups Within EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable (P04571, R04571, R04575) (Doc ID 1406480.1) "Typically, the Value Date applies to draft processing and indicates the date that a payment reaches...
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    Cash Receipts Posting Went A Foul

    Could you please clarify what you mean by "a partially applied receipt against a larger cash receipt" ? Thanks!