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  1. Full Client Package Deployments & BSSV Java Folder

    I've noticed over the years that full packages never compress or deploy the Java (BSSVs) folder during the build and deployment. Since there is not a huge amount of business services being developed upon, it has not been much of an issue. It is kind of a pain to debug a BSSV when you have to...
  2. Disable Update Center Connection

    Unfortunately, for this installation of CA, the "Automatically Connect to..." was also checked. Because the Automatic Connection could not connect, I couldn't even get into the Change Assistant Preferences. I ended up getting around that by adding a localhost host file entry that pointed to...
  3. Disable Update Center Connection

    That doesn't work for ASIs (eg. TL914002). They have to be installed thru Change Assistant. Fortunately, they finally brought up
  4. Disable Update Center Connection

    It seems that is down. Unfortunately I need to apply some ESUs with Change Assistant. I was able to copy the ESUs from elsewhere but since is down & my settings were to login automatically, Change Assistant is getting hung. Does anyone know...
  5. Server Manager agent unable to connect to WebLogic admin server

    I had this problem too. Verify that you have the same JDK on the agent as on SMC and as on your web server. That fixed the problem for me.
  6. EnterpriseOne 9.2 Available for Download

    So it looks like the Platform Pack downloads are a little different now. If I search for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Financials, I get a set of files. One of these files is a ~2.5 GB file for the platform pack.
  7. EnterpriseOne 9.2 Available for Download

    I was able to get the tools release downloaded since it seems to be available thru both UpdateCenter and EDelivery. Has anyone found where to download platform packs for E1 9.2 off of EDelivery?
  8. JDE Services crash on AS400

    What tools release are you on for each iSeries? Did the problem just start?
  9. Guide to writing BSSVs in JDE

    This is a nice write-up. Thanks for posting it.
  10. Vertex Payroll Tax Q 4.1 with E1 9.0

    I know that PTQ 4.0 is supported with E1 9.0. My questions are: Is Vertex Payroll Tax Q 4.1 supported with E1 9.0? If so, is anyone running with that config? Thanks.
  11. Kerberos Authentication - 9.1 / IBM Websphere

    This is something I have been wanting to set up for some time. However, never really got the infrastructure support to do it. If you google "SPNEGO Websphere SG247771", you will get a Redbook document that talks about the AD and WebSphere side. In addition, I found a good document from...
  12. JDE User Friendliness

    Sounds like they don't know how to use Favorites effectively. Perhaps even some pre-set / default Favorites could be created by user role group.
  13. Number of JVM on single server ( websphere)

    Hi Jaise. You don't really mention if / how you plan on clustering the JVMs. Sometimes that makes a difference. One thing I have found is that Server Manager agent struggles to communicate with many JVMs on 1 host vs. one JVMs on many hosts. Something to consider. Also, my experience...
  14. Tools Upgrade - downtime required.....?

    If you have a CNC that knows what they are doing, they can set up multi-foundation without disrupting any users. Assuming that there are no new physical servers involved and the supporting apps don't change (db, web server, OS, etc.), multi-foundation is basically just another directory...
  15. SSD Storage for E1

    SSD on System I I am curious if you saw any kind of performance improvement with the System I SSD. We went thru this as well with a VIOS implementation. We monitored the performance both with a tool and colloquially. Neither suggested any kind of performance improvement.