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    E9.1 R3483 ending in error some times

    Yes Larry. I would also suggest to update calendar for all BU up to 2025. If the shifts are defined, adding calendar for shifts as well may not throe error.
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    E9.1 Post Work Order Completion "Release" Date for Allocation

    Lot Effective Default Days Alias: LEDD Which is manufacturing effective days as DSauve said. This will update the lot master so that for effective days. Also you can default a default lot code say T and release after testing, kind of micro hold
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    Route and Stop code in Grid display?

    I enjoyed the humourus portion. Kudos Guys.
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    Route and Stop code in Grid display?

    Dear friends, Our business demands to have Route code and Stop code(ROUT/STOP) in the grid(P4600). In Xe we have customised to accomodate the fields. Going forward in E9, IT Policy prohibits customisation in std application. Cloning the application is also not acceptable by IT. Do any...
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    Need a Report for Sales Orderwise Bill of Material

    Try exploring R41505 Lot Trace and Track report. In your case Trace will do. It explodes to multilevel. With small customisation, you can limit the Document type to omit or make to available in report. Regards, Bala
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    P4210 Grid Sequencing not working as defined

    Jeff, Save the original format as it is(Grid format Name 1/Jeff1). Create a new format (Order Date) and keep the DOCO as first field. When i worked in XE, i think i remember some applications needed the first field as it is. Please try. It may work. Thanks. Bala
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    F43121 and Amount Paid to Date (PRAPTD)

    Sannan, You need to read the data of APTD and UPTD along with PST (Pay Status) If it is 'P' the voucher is paid when Mtach type is '2'. If it is 'A' it is vouchered and 'Approved for payment. If Match type is '1' AOPN must be equal to AREC - APTD. This would be recieved not vouchered amount...
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    Possible to update 02 cost with a batch job?

    Are you looking for something like R41052. You can load an 'IC' cost and update your 02 cost. Bala
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    Updating Expiry Dates from JDE Default 12/31/2010

    These are the tables using Effective Dates EFFT. Table Name Table Description F13017 Equipment Parts List F1610 Cost Calculation Definitions F1755 Case Master F3002 Bill of Material Master File F3002Z1 Bill of Material Transaction File F3003 Routing Master File F3003Z1 Routing Transactions File...
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    R41052 - Future Cost Update

    1. Enter the Cost Method you wish to be updated with a future cost. If left blank, the cost to be updated is the one associated with your current Inventory/Sales costing method. This is the cost method, you would be updating. 4. Enter 1 to purge future cost records.... This relates to the...
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    Change MCU field in Purchase Order Header/Detail F4301/F4311

    Get the Address Book of that BU via P01012. Go to Row Exit get the AP detials for that BU. In the voucher tab set Default Code as [CRRP] = USD and A/B Amount Code [CRCA] = USD This will get ride of the Currency exchange rate. I think you are using Inter branch / transfer order. Hope this...
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    F3111 Commitments dont look right...

    Try this. Update F3111 set WMUORG = WMTRQT, WMQNTA = WMTRQT, WMSOBK = 0 WHERE WMDOCO in ('389532', '389531') Update F3111 set WMSOBK = '999999999999999' WHERE WMDOCO in ('389532', '389531') AND WMTRQT = 0 Both the SQL can be embedded in sequence in a Batch application and run the report for...
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    SD at 559 Status Not Advancing

    You can check in F4211 where So02 is '1' //A value of 1 reflects that the Sales Update program (R42800) has relieved inventory and written a cardex record to the Item Ledger File (F4111)// and DCT having R* Invoice Doc Type. These orders are already updated thru sales update. Remaining you...
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    Delete Orde Activity Rule

    Re: RE: Delete Orde Activity Rule Hi Sathish, First Delete all the other statuses. Save it. Reopen and start delete from bottom. Now Consider the point Mathew said. "Make sure the individual status record you're deleting is not listed as a next status for another one. JDE will not let you...
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    R42500 Batch Ship Confirm is Failing

    Hi, Are you using 07 cost method? Please check the 02 cost records, if defined!! If the 02 cost is -ve (in millions) or +ve (in millions) the batch fails. Cost defined at item/branch level. Recently we have seen this and once 02 cost is updated matching with 07 (we have -ve on hand qty...