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  1. Inventory Adjustments in Advanced Warehousing

    Hello Everyone, We are implementing Advance warehousing in version 9.10 and I have a question on inventory adjustments. As per the Oracle documents (Doc ID 1345962.1 & 625720.1), it says that inventory adjustments are not supported in Advance Warehousing. You have to do cycle count for any...
  2. Inactivate an address book number for a supplier

    Check Hold Payment in the Supplier Master Voucher tab. Manually put the old vouchers on hold using P0411S. The new vouchers will automatically go on hold after this update to supplier master
  3. Partial reversal of receipt

    Reverse the receipt using P43214. Select the desired receipt line and row exit, Reverse Receipt.
  4. PO's created from MRP

    Hi, When PO's are created from MRP, is there a flag updated in F4301, F4311 to know that this PO is generated from MRP process and not from P4310 or anyother program. Thanks for your help