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  1. Upgrade JDE from to 9.2

    Hi higgs312 thanks for reply. this doc seem to change out to other same version of JDE server no need upgrade the database. I need to know about the How to migration the original database to new database server for JDE 9.2 and upgrade it.
  2. Upgrade JDE from to 9.2

    Dear All We are running the JDE in the Win2008r2 with SQL server 2008 r2 right now. I'm planning to install a new JDE 9.2 with win2012 and new SQL server 2008r2. I need to know when the new server installation JDE 9.2 already done What is the procedure to migrate the old server to the...
  3. UBE on Demo 9.2

    Hi SStarovoytov It's working and the Report PDF also in the print queue folder, but I can't see any records in the Submitted Job Search. Any solution can solve it?
  4. Standalone 9.2 installation

    Hi KarthickCNC its working fine now, thank you.
  5. Standalone 9.2 installation

    During the installation process no any errors, but when I run the explorer got the two error about the "CALLBSFN.dll". any solution to solve this?
  6. Guide to writing BSSVs in JDE

    Hi John, Thank you for the share!