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  1. Duplicated tables on DB2 with Desc "Old name F...."

    Duplicated tables on DB2 with Desc \"Old name F....\" Folks, I have notices that our as400 libraries have been growing in size pretty rapidly. One issue I'm looking into is why do we have what seem to be copies of tables. I think that the issue stems from a generate issued with in JDE. The...
  2. Truncate on the As400 DB2

    Hi, We would like to clear out many tables, some very large files in a test environment and are looking for a DB2 alternative to the Oracle sql 'Truncate Table' Command. It is important that the space is immediatly released after the table has been cleared. There are several postings on the...
  3. iSeries - Unable to Hold Jobs

    Re: RE: iSeries - Unable to Hold Jobs We too have this issue. Bug 8844259 We also have a similar issue with the 'Delete' Button(Bug 8951875), the record in wsj is deleted but the job continues as normal on the as400. These bug where in development last I looked. An other fun one is when jobs...
  4. Upgrade V5R3 to V6R1

    Thank you for your feed back, the os40 upgrade will be handled by our as400 folks. They have previous experience with this upgrade. My concerns are sole related to JDE
  5. Upgrade V5R3 to V6R1

    Anyone have any advice for an OS upgrade from V5R3 to V6R1. Or anyone aware of any documentation that may help We are running E1 8.10 Tools 8.97.3 Thank you in advance
  6. Multi Foundation delivery configuration on Citrix

    Re: RE: Multi Foundation delivery configuration on Citrix Just to clarify, We have 3 production citrix servers using a single published app (JDEPD)and 2 citrix servers supporting a single published app(JDETEST) for DV/CRP
  7. Multi Foundation delivery configuration on Citrix

    Jon, Thank you for your time to review my question. I agree about the short term existence of two different foundations. The reason we are implementing Multiple foundation sets is only to support 2 ports on our enterprise server, we are not actually updating the foundation code yet. The...
  8. Multi Foundation delivery configuration on Citrix

    Hello all, we are reviewing the option of running multiple foundations on our E1 810 tools 8.94 install. Foundation 1 will be used by the PD environment only and Foundation 2 will support the remaining environments. The issue we are most concerned about is the Citrix configuration. Currently...
  9. UTBrowse.exe failure to launch

    Re: UTBrowse.exe failure to launch - resolution Just wanted to followup on this issue, there is a fix for citrix for this very issue Citrix Hotfix PSE450R02W2K3007. However it was not availble to the general public had to contact a citrix partner
  10. UBEs won't get submitted to the server.

    Re: UBEs won\'t get submitted to the server. Have you tried restarting JDE. During the deployment process, the enterprise server queues get set to a 'non processing' state if the deployment had any issue, the queues may not have been set back to a 'processing' state. Restarting JDE on the...
  11. Extract information of JD Edwards on Excel file

    I'm aware or 2 basic ways. The first is, within oneworld, right click and export a selection from the grid The second way, is to use ODBC, you will need database password to do this, since it does not use the jde security. From excel, Click Data-> Import Export Data ->New Data base Query -...
  12. UTBrowse.exe failure to launch

    Thank you for your note. We do allow our users to use UTB from the citrix environment and it is working on the current servers but, since we installed the new servers, we have not been able to get it to function. I tried adding the OWDEVELOPER=TRUE but that did not fix the issue
  13. UTBrowse.exe failure to launch

    Thanks for you post, I do get there error using both ways to access the application
  14. UTBrowse.exe failure to launch

    Folks, We have just installed some new citrix servers with metafreame 4.5. The E1 part seems to be working fine but when we try to launch utb all we get is the following error: UTBRowse.exe - application error The Application Failed to initialize properley(0XC06d007e). Click OK to terminate...
  15. Unable to view a PDF file from citrix

    John, I've had a similar issue and it was a bad printer driver. To verify if this is an issue, make note of the citrix server the user is connected to. Logon to that print server and go to printers locate the printer the user has been mapped to and try to print a test page. If this the issue...