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  1. Output Multiple Excel Sheet

    Hi Rauf, Thanks Mr.Rauf for the replly. I would like to achieve this in BI Publisher and not in JDE output. Regards Gopu
  2. Output Multiple Excel Sheet

    Hi All, I would like to print excel output with one group of data in one sheet. Eg. I want to run finance report for multiple Business units. I want to print each business unit data in separate sheet. Can anybody share some knowledge on this, if it can be achieved. Thanks & Regards Gopu
  3. Average of total

    Hi All, I would like to print the average of each line of total amount. E.g. I would like to print 10 customers and print the average of that total percentage against each customer.Kindly through some light on it. Hoping to see reply. Gopu
  4. Multiple Column repeat in Pivot table

    Dear, When you create the pivot table, select in - line option instead of out-line. This will solve your problem.
  5. Data Selection Literal Part Import Data

    Dear Mr.Chenzhirong, I am able to import list of values through your system in the IE. Is it possible to do for Mozilla Firefox. I am also having some other language guide instead of English. How can I get English language as default. Hoping for your reply. Regards Gopu