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    BI Publisher special characters

    Hi List, I have a problem with BI publisher output. Some special characters e.g. "ő" and "ű" in Hungarian are printed as question marks in the final pdf. These characters are displayed correctly in the "RD source" xml and testing locally with Word works fine too. Any ideas what may be wrong...
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    Control is exited in E920

    Hi Larry, Thanks for the quick answer. Well, this sound interesting, but our CNC told me that this setting is already HIGH. And I found the same in jas.ini for local web. Regards Gergely
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    Control is exited in E920

    Hi List! I currently ran into some problem with "control exited" event. The user upgraded an application from Xe where relevant logic was written in this event. It was executed if the user just tabbed off the field - so left it blank. In E920 web this doesn't seem to work any more. Event is...
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    Hot Keys on Mobile Applications

    Hi List, I am working with mobile devices at the moment (Win CE). Creating applications, editing mobile menu, etc. works fine. But hot keys (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-O for OK) do not work like that. The underscore for the hot key letters is not displayed either so problem seems to be on the JDE side. Does...
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    Expand All Tree Nodes - E810

    Dear List, I would like to expand all tree nodes for a tree control in E8.10. Tree system functions don't really seem to support my needs :-( Although "expand tree node" function exists I didn't find anything that would loop through the nodes. Any ideas? Regards Gergely Pongrácz Current...
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    Flat file management - TR8.97

    Hi Peter, I had a debug log, but it is partially useless... These API's are not logged with any relevant information. In case of the stdio calls log just stopped - quite natural in the case of a crash. Which business functions do you use? Regards Gergely
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    Flat file management - TR8.97

    Peter, Daniel, Thank you for your ideas. I will certainly look around P93081... I am aware of unicode things and use unicode syntax and unicode conversions in my BSFNs. Reading with stdio functions and using jde API's for conversion to Unicode worked fine in several B9, E810, E811...
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    Flat file management - TR8.97

    Hi Peter, Most of the things I tried were written in my own business functions... using jdeFopen, fscanf, jdeFscanf, jdeFscanfConvertV1, jdeFgets... I also tested with standard bsfn B76B0220 with the same result - stopping at the end of first line. Regards Gergely
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    Flat file management - TR8.97

    Hi List, I have a strange problem... In earlier (Xe, B9, E8.10) versions I used some business functions to manage flat files written in C using stdio calls e.g. fprintf, fscanf, etc. These functions simply do not work on TR8.97 and 8.98. They are compiled all right but every time processing...
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    Developer Training

    11 years of trying to understand... Was very effective :-) Gergely
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    Index fails to generate

    Hi, try checking the spec tables F98712 and F98713 in the appropriate central object data source. The structure is quite simple - try to see if yours is correctly there. Don't worry about the skipping numbers - it happens when you delete a wrong one (or JDE programmers did). Regards Gergely
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    Find First File Matching Wildcard BSFN

    Hi, First of all your AS/400 enterprise server should see a windows file system... and this is the general problem. Flat file operations that use STDIO call will work on win and unix, windows only calls only on win, but none of them on AS/400. As far as I know this bsfn uses a windows library...
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    ODBC Connection Failed 8.10 Demo

    Hi, Maybe a bit too late (:-)) but I think I found the answer. Demo connects by default through OLEDB to your local SQL database. If you reconfigure your demo (e.g. add a new environment) to connect through ODBC ODA will work fine. Regards Gergely Pongrácz Hungary
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    Processing the Enter/Return Key

    Yes, Add a hidden push button and set its 'Default Push Button' property. It will fire on enter. Regards: Gergely Pongrácz e-Best, Hungary
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    JDEDEBUG.log Question/Issue on 8.11?

    Hi Patrick, I don't know the answer to your question regarding local web but here is what I usually do: - I map things local (F9860.ANSIF) and do local debugging. - For Bsfn/Ube on server I use debug log from the enterprise server. This way I get the same results as in earlier releases...