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    re: Any interesting ideas?

    re: Any interesting ideas? I couldnt agree more. A general rule of thumb..PLEASE stay well away from the G/L Program as far as any tinkering with the code is concerned. Regards, Ashok >From: Mike Dupaix <Mike_Dupaix@smius.com> >Reply-To: jdelist@jdelist.com >To: <jdelist@jdelist.com>...
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    RE: Data Selection Criteria Security

    RE: Data Selection Criteria Security I presume I am very late on this..but,I think,it is better late than never..esp on matters like this. DITTO !!!! Things like this make the mind wander to the World environment.... Regards, Ashok >From: Lisa Stinebuck <lstinebu@ogara-hess.com>...
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    RE: Ship Confirm ST/OT no QOH updtae

    RE: Ship Confirm ST/OT no QOH updtae Sean, Are you saying that QOH was not getting updated by the Confirm Shipment operation in SOP because some AAIs were not set up ? To the best of my knowledge,it is only Sales Update(P42800) that edits for the existence/non-existence of AAIs in the...
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    Vendor Search Type

    Steven, There should not be any problem if you use a Search Type other than V for your vendors. At the most,you will get a 'soft error' flashing at you when you exit to the Vendor Master screen(F16) from the main Address Book screen..this is simply because the System 'expects' a Customer...
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    Ship Confirm ST/OT no QOH update

    Sean, You are right in mentioning that 40/IU controls the update of 'quantity of hand' during Shipment Confirmation. However,there is also a processing option in the Confirm Shipment program(P4205) that controls this update. Look at the 'process' tab. I hope this helps. Regards, Ashok...