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    E9.2 Visualize JDE security?

    I've worked for companies that use AllOut as well. If you want to take a stab at writing your own security report, try searching for "SOX Audits".
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    E9.2 EDI 864 tables in JDE

    JDE does not have built in 864 support. Maybe you can look at the design of something like the Outbound 855 (PO Acknowledgment) to build a custom process. It has the EDST (transaction set) field in the header and utilizes the F4714 and F4715 to store text.
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    E9.2 Time Calculate

    Getting all time switched to utime would be great. A huge undertaking, but it would be a step in modernizing. When I was looking at functions I tried to find one where I could convert a standard JDE date and time field into a utime and vice versa and use the built in functions for...
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    E9.2 Problem Insert F4211 ECST

    Have you checked the data dictionary definition to see if someone added a default value?
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    E9.2 Time Calculate

    Hi, I did a lot of searching on this subject a few years ago and found information on jdelist that helped me write some functions. You didn't say how you need to handle wrapping around midnight. You can probably adapt the attached code to handle your need. Regards, Ellen
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    Changing a Warning to and Error on a Form

    You should be able to expand the error message you get at the top of the screen to see Error ID for the data item to look at.
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    JDE Orchestrator Outputs

    What browser are you using? I've had issues with some options not being available in IE and Chrome. Firefox seems to work best.
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    Orchestrator - new tables

    You need to use the JDE Development tools to create or modify the design of a table. You cannot use Orchestrator for this.
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    UDC F0005 to F46822

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you saying that you used the UDC application (P0004A) to add your new value to UDC 46 DF, but you are still getting the error message? You don't mention what program you are in when you get the error and you haven't included information about the...
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    AIS testing using SOAP

    If you run the application in JDE click in the control and use F1 to pull up the Help. Under advanced it tells you what the control ID is.
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    Object Browser UI Question

    Hi Craig, I'm happy with the current look and feel of the menu and toolbars. Trying to imagine Object Browser with a Ribbon instead of the current toolbars, it doesn't seem like the ribbon will improve the user experience. But, it probably wouldn't hurt the user experience much, other than...
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    SOX audits - seeking answers

    Hi, My company uses a product from ALLOUT Security. If you want to take a stab at writing your own security report, I've attached notes from a project I did back in 2004 when SOX was brand new.
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    Read flat file to custom table

    You've got a few options. You could design a Table Conversion to read and process the file. You could look at b4700240 to see if it would help. Or, use Object Browser to do a search on some key words like Import or Flat File to find some other business functions for reading and processing flat...
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    Job Ticket %PDFfileName command

    Thank you for the reply Karen. I always feel better when I understand the "why" of things.
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    Job Ticket %PDFfileName command

    Hi, I've been trying to understand more about the Job Ticket commands and how to use them. I can find some documentation on the cpEmail commands in the Email documentation, but I can't find any references to CPOW or PDfileName in any of the 6 Create!form documentation PDFs. What exactly does...