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    RE: Address book has Next Number 'gaps'

    Address book has Next Number \'gaps\' Any suggestions from you on the following? We are encountering 'gaps' in the Next Numbering of Address book records being created. Check digit is turned off. Example: Customer address book records 383673, 383675, 383677, 383678, and 383680 exist. But...
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    door closed on customer product certification in JDE

    Don, The JDE knowledge garden removed the web pages that formerly showed customers how to get certified. In its place are links for JDE customers and business partners. We got a response from a JDE employee who said they may open it up to customers again in the year 2003. -Eric @From...
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    door closed on customer product certification in JDE

    I learned yesterday that JDE is no longer offering JDE product certification to customers. Employees and business partners can get certified, though. Surprised, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eric Lehti Certified JD Edwards Professional Fike Corporation, 704 SW 10th...
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    ASNA AVR in JDE World environment

    to jdeworld participants: I would welcome observations from those of you who use ASNA's Visual RPG. - Comments on AVR's (ASNA Visual RPG) interface with JDE (active data dictionary, UDCs, etc) - AVR modification of JDE RPG code? /COPY etc. - When you need to customize a JDE-vanilla RPG...
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    E9 Euro upgrade - Knowledge Garden fixes

    The Knowledge Garden has published a number of SAR fixes after the Release 6 tape. To guarantee that your Euro upgrade runs your fixed programs instead of those shipped on tape, do this: - Submit the upgrade, and run PTF_STEP1, placing PTF_STEP2 on hold. - After PTF_STEP1 completes, copy your...
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    Data Model for JDE A73

    We appreciate the WorldSoftware A73 printed manual 'Data Models'. But has anyone created a more detailed version of JDE's data models, with field names for the foreign keys? Would you be willing to sell a copy of your data models? What data modelling product did you use to create it? Eric...
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    Re: Code limitations

    RE: Code limitations Lynn, We converted P4211 and its /COPY members to RPGIV to overcome the limit of 32,767 objects in the RPGIII compiler. The SEU limit of 32,7nn statements is a separate issue, which we overcame with extensive use of /COPY, placing statements in external source members...
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    Euro: F0911 converting incorrectly

    Have you experienced a problem in converting your F0911 to the Euro currency? - Company 00021 (Belgian franc) converted successfully at an exchange rate of 40.3399 - Company 00023 (French franc) should have converted at an exchange rate of 6.55957, but did not (see below). - Company 00024...
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    Signature on A/P Check

    If your printers have an external card on which you store objects like signatures, your printer vendor can assist you with the scripting needed to overlay the signature on the print stock as the checks print. Your question: Does anyone out there have any information regarding printing a...
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    You might post your question on the web400 forum or rpg400 forum at www.midrange.com. Also, midrangecomputing.com and as400network.com are valuable resources for creating html pages from an as/400. aa a a From: donbryant [mailto:donbryant@amalie.com] a a a Has anyone ever...
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    To expand on my earlier answer to use menu G94 option 8 to secure DREAM writer 'XJDE' and 'ZJDE' versions, since 'User' is part of the selection criteria, and 'DEMO' is the creator of XJDE and ZJDE versions, have a 'DEMO' AS/400 user profile available on the system for those times you need to...
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    Kenny, You can secure, "lock down", DREAM writer versions at menu G94 option 08, J98326. Very flexible security options. Eric Lehti re Your question: How do I lock down XJDE and ZJDE so that people can't make any deletions? I'm guessing I do it with Action Code...
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    RE: E9 Euro Conversion

    RE: E9 Euro Conversion Barb, Call the JDE response line at 800-289-2999 to order the E9 (Euro) upgrade. Same procedure as other ptf orders. The large workbook is shipped with the upgrade materials. Eric Lehti Hi there, How do I order the E9 upgrade??? I have tried looking on your site...
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    SAR fixes to *PTF programs

    How do you integrate SAR fixes to programs shipped with JDE ptfs? Scenario described below. SCENARIO: - JDE announces SAR paper fixes to programs that are shipped with a ptf. - The ptf tape you are using is older, and does not include these announced SAR fixes. Do you: - Perform a...
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    RE: Euro conversion

    RE: Euro conversion Euro conversion is the conversion of French, German, etc currency transactions to the Euro currency. If you don't do business in the currencies of the European (EMU) community, you have nothing to convert.