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    Definition of I75GSTU in DD

    Tom, I got same issue, where you get I75GSTU from, can you please share it? Thank, Eric
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    JDE connect to db2 data source in AIX platform

    we have catalog the database, the db can connect from OS command line. but when we run the UBE, we get an error indicator credential not correct. command line: jde910@FSR3VAJSB1:/home/jde910>db2 connect to dwland user jdedbid using cf401fsr3 Database Connection Information Database...
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    JDE connect to db2 data source in AIX platform

    Yes, i have catalog the node and database in db2 client. but still not able to connect db2 data source. do i need install ODBC driver manager and configure ODBC on AIX in order to JDE connect db2 data source?
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    JDE connect to db2 data source in AIX platform

    does JDE use db2 cli driver to access db2 database? i configured db2cli.ini, i tested below command, i got a return shows that fetch record successfuly. but when i run UBE JDE says connection still failed. echo "select * from LAND.CMF where isn=1" | db2cli execsql -dsn TCVLAND
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    JDE connect to db2 data source in AIX platform

    I have JDE 9.1 enterprise server running on AIX 7.1 need access to db2 database on linux, and i have installed the db2 runtime client on AIX server, but donot know how to configure the odbc conection on AIX server, does someone could give me a hint on this, thanks.
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    Customizing EntepriseOne Web Header / Footers

    Hi Chris, Technically, if you want only change the page once you are in, you just need mark some code like below. //Used for the login page modifications //document.getElementById('appName').innerHTML=wcText; //document.getElementById('appName').style.fontWeight='700'...
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    Enable One View Reporting on data browser?

    you need setup feature authorization for one view report
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    Thin client does not detect the update package.

    Go to p98770 to check manifest. seems you don't have update package yet.