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    E9.2 Use of Application reports tab in JDE reports

    Hi, I have seen a tab of Application reports while creating a report in JDE I want to know what is the use of it. I tried to check on oracle for relevant documents but not found any can any one help me to know -- Thanks in Advance
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    Changing a Warning to and Error on a Form

    I tto need to change the warning message to hard error. I want to know which DD Item is giving this warning message. I have checked the code but I am notable to find any Warning Message DD Items related to Obsolete Item warning message. Can any one give your inputs.
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    SpecEncapsulation : jdeSpecSelectKeyed completed in error

    Hi, I am having the same issue for the custom report able to run in DV Web but in PY web its ending in error. if you have figured out the issue please let me know how to resolve it. Thanks in Advance.
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    Your Report has NOT been submitted successfully

    I too got the same issue creating new version on web solved the issue and report submitted succesfully
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    Not able to call custom report from P04571 application( work with payment groups)

    I have a requirement to call a custom report from P04571 when we click on Write in Row Exit. I have done all the necessary setup in P0417 Payment Instrument. But it is calling only the standard report R04571 and R04572 but triggering the Custom report. The bank account number is same and payment...
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    A/P - Automatic Cheque Printing

    not able to call custom report from work with payments group application Hi brown I am new to accounts payable module I have a requirement to call a custom report when we click on write in Row exit of P04571 for that I have created a payment group and in payment instrument I have added the...
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    Count of matching records in find browse form

    Hi, I want to find the matching records in the find browse form and display the count of matching records in a single grid. Please find the attachment for better understanding. Any inputs are appreciated.
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    Want to know about how to find a matching string in find browse form

    Hi every one, I got a requirement like I have different group of regards in a find browse form. I the same group of records are present more than once then record should not be repeated in the grid but the record must be counted and display count in the same grid. For better understanding...
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    How does Address Book Masking can effect Mailing Name??

    Yes custom table is created in Production. We have access to production. Business view is on that custom table so we kept BC value and directly displaying BC values in the report.
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    How does Address Book Masking can effect Mailing Name??

    I have created a custom table and placed MLNM field. Inserted the data and tried to display it in a report it worked fine i DV but it displaying blank values in Production can any one help me...