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    So Long and Thanks for All The Help

    Peter, How fortunate you have been to enjoy your many years at the university, and how fortunate we all have been to have you share your expertise and insights with the JDE community. I wish you all the best in your retirement - may it be a long and fulfilling one, and yes, you're always...
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    E8.12 Show tax amount in P4310 - Purchase Orders.

    You can use the row exit to Order Summary (in P4310) to see the tax on the purchase order.
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    E9.2 How do you analyse poor performance in Web?

    Do you have any backup software clients on your servers? We had a BackupExec client on our db server that would cause 30 second freeze-ups once every few hours. Eventually we found it and disabled it during our normal production hours.
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    E9.2 Is there a way to know which JDE Modules my organization have available?

    My experience has been that you look at your Oracle contract, which spells out which modules you have access to.
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    E9.2 UOM Conversion Unsuccessful with Dimensions

    UoM conversions are defined within Item Master Revisions using the form exit "Conversions".
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    E9.1 issue with Publishing Cafe one in 9.1

    Make sure that ALL data fields used in the Cafe One mapping are visible in the primary grid (that is, NOT hidden) for the other user(s) in question.
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    E9.2 Freeze Cost R30835

    If you mean the standard Find, Select/OK, etc. - yes, they work fine in all of our browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).
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    E9.2 Combine Fixed Asset master record with Equipment record - is it possible?

    Due to several factors, we have some pieces of equipment in our facility that have both a Fixed Asset Master record, and also an Equipment Master record. Is there any way to combine them so that we can use the same Unit Number? My hunch is no, but I'd love to be proven wrong! Thanks.
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    E9.2 Freeze Cost R30835

    Yes, there is a Data Selection import tool that works great. We use the Google Chrome extension. Check out the link below.
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    E9.1 MRP Performance

    One thing you might check is to make sure you don't have any Item Master or Item Branch records with a short item number (alias ITM) of zero. We've had these appear once in a great while and they significantly impacted MRP performance.
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    E9.2 Credit Order reverse

    Have the user go into the credit order and change the quantity from negative to positive.
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    E9.2 alternate routings

    You could also set up each building as a separate Branch/Plant and have a separate Item/Branch, BOM and Routing for each B/P. There is the ability to copy a BOM and a Routing from one B/P to another. Of course, maintenance (e.g. ECO's) will be more challenging with multiple B/P's.
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    E9.1 MRP "Test" Run for Promotions

    You could refresh another environment's business data and control tables from your Production database, add the planned demand into that non-Production database, and then run MRP over there. Of course, database refreshes vary widely in time to complete; ours currently takes about 3 minutes, but...
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    N/A Trial Balance FY 21 is not recognized by Trial Balance

    You might also have your CNC person delete the 6 spec ddb/xdb files on your enterprise/batch server(s). They are located in a folder like "E910\***\spec". Delete these files: dddict, ddtext, glbltbl, both ddb and xdb files. These can cache data dictionary information.
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    N/A Trial Balance FY 21 is not recognized by Trial Balance

    There is probably a century "cutoff" set somewhere in the system, that says anything 20 or less is for 20xx, and 21 or greater is 19xx.