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  1. Custom & simplified Inventory Transfer

    Thank you for all the input, I have a working version however I was doing so manually. I will be digging deeper into p4113 and trying to see which BSNFNS to use. Someone should create an Inventory Transfer BSNFN (With documentation please & thank you).
  2. Custom & simplified Inventory Transfer

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone here made their own simplified inventory xfer program. I feel as if p4113 is a bit cumbersome and requires too much input for a simple transfer. Here is what I have so far. I have a grid that uses v41021E showing only our Finished good items with lot...
  3. Set Data Item for grid (ROW) NOT ENTIRE COLUMN

    Hello Everyone, I am rather new to JDE and my company is still undergoing the implementation. Although I am very new I have successfully built a few custom apps for our business needs. Currently I am working on a custom application that we will use to set up our machines, essentially a recipe...
  4. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    I feel its worth noting that even when our builds do finish successfully that these errors are still there. I found this on the oracle support site. I granted the index privilege to user JDE as well and the error still bugs me. ORA-01931: cannot grant string to a role Cause: UNLIMITED...
  5. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    They were already there so we left them alone.
  6. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    First off thank you for your help. Yes I did that first and it still didn't work then I tried this.
  7. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    I followed your instructions and we are still getting the DB issue. Still wondering what the heck is causing this.
  8. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    Thank You... I went into SQL developer and added permissions to the user and I still get the DB error.
  9. Package Build Kernel going Zombie during Update Builds & Deploy

    Do you have any issues in your package build kernel log?
  10. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    Hello, Relatively new here. Having an issue when doing package builds. Sometimes we get zombies. It is not a happening at regular intervals or for specific servers its just random. The only common point we have found is that there are DB issues with all even builds that do not zombie. Any ideas...