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  1. OneWorld Xe SP24.2.1 and IBM i v7.3

    Hi Michael, I was wondering how your upgrade went. Did you upgrade to V7R3 and running Xe? Devki
  2. OneWorld Xe SP24.2.1 and IBM i v7.3 or V7R2

    Has anybody tried to use Xe on and IBM i running v7.2 or v7.3? Could you please direct me to a document from Oracle or IBM that states Xe is not supported on OS higher than IBM V7R1. thanks Devki
  3. OneWorld Xe SP24.2.1 and IBM i v7.3

    Hi Michael, We are in the same situation (Xe on V7R1); were you able to upgrade the OS to V7R3 or V7R2? Devki
  4. List of JDE Customers in Canada

    I found what I was looking for. Please disregard this post. Thanks Is there any way I can get a list of JDE customers using Xe? thanks Devki
  5. JDE EnterpriseOne Xe Upgrade Path

    Thanks for your quick response. Devki
  6. JDE EnterpriseOne Xe Upgrade Path

    Is there anyone out there still on JDE EnterpriseOne Xe SP 24.14 (not moved from coexistent) and is planning to upgrade to 9.2? Is there even an upgrade path from Xe to 9.2? IBM iSeries V7R1 JDE EnterpriseOne Xe SP 24.14
  7. APPCRASH Jdeuser.dll error and Oexplore.exeApplication Stops working

    Citrix Server - win 2008 R2 virtual servers Enterprise server -iSeries DB2 V7R1 JDE EnterpriseOne Xe SP24.1.4 Few of our users get this error and the application shuts down. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Here is more detail: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH...
  8. Changing out Enterprise Server

    We are on JDE EnterpriseOne Xe SP24.1.4 on enterprise server IBM iSeries V6R1. Planning to move to IBM iSeries V7R1. Wondering if anyone has gone through this upgrade recently? What are the gotchas? Any documentation i can lay my hands would be appreciated thanks Devki
  9. Iway Adaptor for EnterpriseOne Xe on Iseries

    Thanks for the information. Did you have to change any other files on the Deployment server and or Terminal Servers? Also i did not add JDENET_KERNEL_DEF16 ie XML list. Is this needed?
  10. Iway Adaptor for EnterpriseOne Xe on Iseries

    We are on JDE Enterprise One Xe running on Iseries DB2/400 V6R1 M0 We are testing the IWay integration tool. My understanding is that we should be modifying the JDE.ini on the Enterprise Server as follows: [JDENET_KERNEL _DEF6] krnlName = Call OBJECT KERNAL dispatchDLLName=XMLCallObj...
  11. ESU list in Update 7

    Does anyone have the list of all ESUs included in Update 7 for EnterpriseOne ... it has been a while. Thanks Devki
  12. UDC 00/ST Subledger Type definitions

    UDC 00/ST is the SubLedger Type definitions. Definitions in this table checks the master tables for validations. Example SBLT = “W” checks F4801 for valid Work Order Numbers similar to SBLT = “A” will validate F0101. If I add UDC value “H” in 00/ST to validate a custom table say F55custom, I...
  13. Outbound Transactions from F0911

    I would like to create outbound transactions from F0911 which are approved and posted in the F0911Z4. If anyone out there is using this Interoperabilty functionality could you please give me some tips. We have never tapped into this. We are on OW Xe Update 7 SP23_z1 and on iseries using...
  14. Interoprability Requirements using z files for Purchasing

    I would like some notes on all the requirements for using Interoperability in Purchase Order Create, Receive Purchase Order and if possible Close PO. If I have an external system which stores inventory but PO is in JDE; how do I manage all PO created in JDE OW. What are all the pieces of the...
  15. Real Time Integration with JDE Inventory

    We are on OW Xe SP23_K1 update 7 and IBM iseries as our enterprise server and Citrix clients. We need real time integration with JDE, and our immediate need is Integrating JDE Inventory with 3rd party Work Management System. This Work Management System does have webservices which we will be...