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    BSFN Build Tool

    This will be really helpful, to get the BSFN's built under a project, or set of projects. It will be desirable to have the flags like if the BSFN is C/S and if, to build in DEBUG mode, OPTIMIZE mode etc.
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    Visual Studio Community Edition & Standalone?

    Hi Daniel, Any heads through with using Community Edition?
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    Standalone 9.2 installation

    Dear JDEE1Tips, I happened to reach the author, only to understand that the article & installations were done TOGETHER by you. Thanks to you folks. Let us keep going. We @ jdesource would encourage everyone to share the knowledge and publish more. is just a platform to share. All...
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    Standalone 9.2 installation

    It is indeed unjust that JDEE1Tips has copied the articles from and passed it off as their own, as is their multiple other posts. Its a pity that a consulting company has to do so.
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    9.2 Standalone Error: Could not Start Web Server

    Check the steps in there (and the comments as well)
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    BI Publisher Add in

    Hi Dawn, We are using MS 2013 (32bit) with BI Desktop version, up and running. You will need to go to "PATH\Oracle\BI Publisher\BI Publisher Desktop\DotNetInstallFiles" and then install the SETUP.exe to install the menus for the word. After that, disable, and then enable the template...
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    NER Copy

    Thanks a ton Craig. We used to open the xml and modify it. Any place where you'd miss it, would be a corrupt file. This works seamless. It always amazes me, how do you connect to E1 from outside.
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    Attaching One of Many T&C pages at end of Purchase Order

    Hi Abhishek, Per me, we need to have a subtemplate (a separate rtf) having all the T&C loaded. Say for e.g. TnCtemplate.rtf <?template:TermsAndConditions?> <?param:OrTyUrl;string(‘No Url Passed’)?> <?choose:?> <?when:$OrTyUrl='SAMPLE1.rtf'?> <?import://pathtolocation/SAMPLE1.rtf?>...
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    FDA/RDA crashes on writing Table IO

    Thanks for replying Chandrakant. I also tried creating a fresh Application, and still having the same issue.
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    FDA/RDA crashes on writing Table IO

    Hi, I'm having a unique problem, where the FDA or RDA crashes out when I write a Table IO ER statement (like a fetch single or so). Screenshot attached. We are on 8.98 tools (E811) Regards Deepesh MD
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    BI Publisher print to Intermec (IPL) or Datamax (DPL) Printers

    I Understand that by default BI Publisher prints to Postscript Printers only (PS language). Is there any way we can print to IPL or DPL based printers? Regards Deepesh MD
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    How to Print QR Code using BI Publisher?

    The source of the image holder in your RTF will have to be something that a QR Code API will return. Ideally for dynamic images we use the URL File System...
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    Function to choose a folder dynamically in web client

    You could try creating a UDC having relevant paths, and attach it to a DD Item, which can be used in PO. Thereby having a validated list. If its only Media object, probably, MOQUE list will be easier.
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    Collaborate 2015 take aways

    IoT wearables... There's a lot going on! One of the POC's was done with Google Glasses - for Warehouse Management. The person with Google Glasses just needs to tap on his glass to scan the inventory/shipment to ship across or count in, OR to help guide him to the location of the shipment. Recent...
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    Collaborate 2015 take aways

    Heard a rumour that E1 9.2 will be released somewhere in May-June 2015. Anyone else got to know about it?