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  1. E9.1 User Deactivated Date

    I think the question I'm asking really is which is the table that holds the deactivation date.
  2. E9.1 User Deactivated Date

    Hi I'm new to JDE and have been asked to produce a SQL report of 'X' users and the date their accounts were deactivated (this is not last login date), over a specific period, we have JDE 9.1.5. I can produce a report of 'X' users but cannot find where to pull the deactivation date from. Would...
  3. Active user report

    Hi Apologies if I have chosen the wrong category to ask this question, I am very new to JDE and sql reporting. In order to tighten security we need to run a report that will provide a list of all active user accounts with the address number - we can then use this list to update the password...