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    Transform - Printing Media Object Attachments

    Hi, I need some help or steps to setup a new bottomline report (Based on PO report from JDE 9.10 - PDF Output) to be able to e-mail it or archive it by using logic within the "Branch/Project" by using Transform Designer 5.3. Thanks in advance for your help, Davy007
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    Transform - Printing Media Object Attachments

    ADDING ATTACHMENTS TO BOTTOMLINE REPORT – Transform Designer 5.3 Hi All, I have attached a document that shows the steps to add attachments to a form report by using the Transform Designer in Bottomline. The attachments are from a JDE E1 9.10 PDF report that need to show in the Purchase Order...
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    Create!Transform vs Create!Designer

    Hi Karen, My name is David and I am new to Bottomline Transform Designer. I have created forms based on JDE E1 9.10 PO reports, but I am looking for the steps to setup the new bottomline PO form to be able to e-mail and to archive the Po form. Thanks in advance, Davy007