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    receiving, with purchasing module, program P4312

    Receiving tolerance, in purchasing module, program P4312: Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent receiving a quantity in excess of purchase order quantity ? Other than setting tolerance at zero. We want to be able to receive less than PO quantity, but not more than PO quantity. Would be...
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    two question

    I can respond to your second question. In P0411, after you key the voucher header, and you want to match to the receipt, and you look at the Form exits you will see an exit Receipts to Match. Select this exit. Do not select exit Orders to Match. You want the receipt, not the order. I am...
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    Have you looked at your AAI 4310 ? I am attaching my own write up on the AAIs we use, which might help some.
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    Payroll security and *all objects

    I would ask: What security setup did you have before the upgrade ? Did you have *Public turned off ? Did you grant authority for each program, or deny access by selected programs ? IF you turn off * Public and grant access by program, you need to 1) find all the programs all users will need...
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    Reverse Receipts

    We have had various problems with F43121, F4311, F43090, etcetera since we put inventory up 3.5 years ago. The errors come and go, thru upgrades and service packs. JDE is little help. Reverse receipts is a prime bug-displayer. We try to avoid using it. The only fix I have is: 1) Know the tables...
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    If you like, I will send you a description of the AAIs we use in GL, inventory and purchasing, in plain English. Dave Mallory david.mallory@denverwater.org
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    Item Ledger Records Missing

    Carl, What program are you using to create the F4111 records ? We have seen records not get written with the P4112 issues program, if the user does not tab thru the fields on a line before going to the next line. Dave Mallory Denver Water
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    missing F43121 record when doing receiving of purchase order line

    We get this situation intermittently. The table is 4 years old. Most of the time it works fine. We have not changed Next Numbers. We have no row security on this table. We have sent JDE a log showing the problem and they still do not believe there is a bug. I will send the table...
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    missing F43121 record when doing receiving of purchase order line

    We are experiencing errors when doing receiving of PO items with program P4312. The F0911 GL record and the F4111 Cardex records are being written, but the F43121 receipt record is not being written. We are not getting a "commit failed" error message. Has anyone else seen this ? Do you have any...
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    user defined codes F0005

    In F0005, the field DR-RT specifies the type of code. Example: In F4101 inventory item master, there is a field IM-PRP1 which is commodity code. The values of these commodity codes and their descriptions are stored in F0005, where DR-SY = 41 and DR-RT = P1. Question: what table shows that P1 =...
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    Bar code with OW Xe

    Greetings. We are planning to install bar coding in our warehouse operation, and for fixed assets. We would like to visit a One World site that uses bar coding for these applications, or at least for inventory. We would prefer to visit a site that has: OW Xe, Oracle, Windows NT. But another...
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    User Security

    I agree with Don Sauve. The managers need to get real and acknowledge that they are saying "there should be no control." THEY would regret this in 6 months. You would have chaos. One or two people (we have 2: me as auditor and the I.T. person) should control security: adding/deleting users and...
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    JD Edwards 5??

    Re: RE: JD Edwards 5?? At FOCUS, according to a JDE salesperson, "JDE 5" is merely a marketing term. It is NOT new software. It is an umbrella label to cover all their software, including One World.
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    AdHoc Reporting

    We have very few users using Report Design Aid. Is too hard for most people. We have some users using ACL data analysis software ( acl.com ), which is easy to learn and use. We looked at Crystal Reports and chose ACL instead. I have views in ACL joining 7 tables (from purchase order to check)...
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    Modify entries from previous periods.

    Annemarie, It is possible to allow changing or adding transactions to a prior period, but your accounting people will probably have a strong opinion about that, quite possibly nyet. They close a period and count on having fixed numbers for revenue, expense, etc so the periods are additive. If...